Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Beauty andthe BeastBook Tag

I know I am about a year late on this tag but I just couldn’t resist! The Beauty and the Beast live action movie was released a year ago tomorrow so that seems like as good as an excuse as any to do this! I adore Beauty and the Beast, and I know that I am not the only book blogger out there who completely relates to Belle!

I am not sure who created this tag! If you know please tell me in the comments!


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a) A villain you can’t help but love:

My answer for this question will always be Jackal from The Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa! It is such an underrated series, and Jackal is truly the highlight! He is sarcastic, brilliant, and deep down you know he has a bit of humanity.

b) A book everyone loves but you don’t:

I am going to say Uprooted by Naomi Novik because it seems appropriate as it is a Beauty and the Beast retelling! I found this book quite boring, and I hated Dragon as well as the romance!


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Your favorite One True Pairing (OTP):

I am sure many of you know this already but… Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy! My newest one is Eleanor Oliphant and Raymond, even though it is not clear if they end up together, in my mind they do!


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a) A character who is destined for greater things:

Auggie from Wonder by R.J. Palacio! He is a character that has the ability to inspire others! He is also very intelligent, and wants to travel to space. In my mind, that is completely attainable for him!

b) A book you bought for its beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful on the inside, too:

I am totally someone who judges a book by its cover! The book that instantly came to mind was Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore. It was one of my most anticipated books last year even though I knew nothing about it- I had only seen the cover. I am happy to report that story lived up to its gorgeous cover!


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A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counterpart:

I mean Hermoine- obviously! A part of me wants to say Mr. Watson but I haven’t even read the books!! I just love the TV show!


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A book that helped you through a difficult time or really taught you something:

There are so many!! The book that I always seem to turn to, and is also my favourite book, is Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. It is a simple and quiet book but I am always inspired by it.


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a) A book that made you hungry:

I recently read The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory and OMG they eat so much! They are constantly getting donuts, tacos, ice cream, etc. The author makes it all sound so delicious, because the characters thoroughly enjoy food.

b) A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner:

I would love to have a dinner party with all of my favourite female characters. Everyone from Elizabeth Bennet to Evelyn Hugo to Hermoine. I think it would be epic to have a gathering of inspiring female characters. There is definitely a lot to learn from them.


Opposites attract:

Rufus and Matteo from They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera! Those two could not be any different, but they truly complement each other!


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a) A character who is more than they appear:

I have to say Eleanor Oliphant from Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gale Honeyman! On the outside she appears strange and standoffish but you soon find out that there is so much more to her. She is a strong woman with a great sense of humour! I loved watching her character development.

b) A book or series that you weren’t into at first but picked up towards the end:

Hmm maybe Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff! It took me awhile to get used to the format and at first I was not sure that I would enjoy it. It did eventually pick up and I really loved it in the end.


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A book you picked up because of the hype:

I pick up so many of my books because of hype!! There have been many hyped books that I loved and quite a few that I disliked. I am trying to be better at just going with my intuition and avoiding hyped books that I do not think I will enjoy.


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A book or moment that always makes you cry:

I hardly ever reread books, but there are things that happen in books that will usually make me cry. If an animal dies that really gets to me! I happy cry quite a lot as well. If a character has been through a hard time and then something really great happens to them, I will cry!


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A popular theme, trope, or setting you will never get tired of reading:

Fake to real romance! It is the one trope that I never get sick of reading. I love the angst and tension that builds around a relationship like that. The Wedding Date and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before are two books that have this trope, and two books that I really loved!


I am sure many of you have done this tag already! If you have please link it in the comments below- I would love to read your answers! If you haven’t, and you love Beauty and the Beast, I officially tag you!


24 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

  1. Oh, I’ll have to look around the blogosphere for the creator of this tag. I did a Beauty and the Beast tag on my blog last year but it was a completely different one to this. However, I might just have to do this one too because I can’t get enough of Beauty and the Beast.

    I agree that Illuminae is a hard book to get into. I really struggled when I read it for the first time as it took my eyes a while to get used to the varying formats. In the end, I thought it was okay and not worth the hype. However I recently re-read it via audiobook and wow, it was amazing! The audiobook takes the entire story to a whole new level, using an entire cast of narrators for all the different characters and it felt so much more alive.

    1. You are so right about there never being enough Beauty and the Beast! I might have to do the one that you did!

      That is really interesting to hear about the audiobook of Illuminae! I have been avoiding Gemina because I know I will struggle with it. Maybe I should listen to the audiobook. Thanks for the tip!

      1. I had the same thoughts about Gemina but when I read it, I had absolutely no problems with it. The format is the same but I clicked more with the characters and the story. I’m going to listen to that audiobook when I get the chance and hopefully it will be just as good.

  2. This is such a cool tag! I still need to do it. I can’t believe it’s been a year since the new Beauty and the Beast came out! <3 Loved your picks. 😀

  3. I loved that Tale as Old as Time is what will you never get tired of reading. I think my answer would have to be, if it’s done well, a girl disguised as a boy. Romances that form that way always are very entertaining to me. Also books set in college.

      1. I love she’s the man! It’s actually a pretty special movie to me because I moved schools in high school and my friend gave me the movie to watch and think of our friendship!

  4. Ooh yes to Mr Darcy and Elizabeth! And to Raymond and Eleanor!! (in my mind they’re together too) Oh yes to Auggie being destined for great things. And I really liked how Eleanor Oliphant’s character was drawn as well. I love fake to real relationships too 😀 Awesome answers!

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