August Wrap Up

August wasn’t my best reading month in terms of quantity but I did read some gems! I had so many plans to read as much as I could but this summer has been busier than I expected. That said, I am still thrilled with the books I did manage to get to and I am in the middle of three books that I am loving, so I will briefly talk about those at the end of this post as well. I will be talking about the books in order from my least favourite working up to my favourite, but there are no duds in the bunch! Though I did have one DNF, so I will talk about that first.

I absolutely loved the prologue for To Bleed a Crystal Bloom and thought that this was going to become a favourite, but I ended up struggling with it. I think I would have adored this if it were a fantasy rather than a fantasy romance. The world building and writing were next level good, but the romance gave me the ick. I don’t know how else to say it! The love interest found her as a child, kept her in a tower, and is now pursuing a romance with her now that she is an adult. She almost sees him as a father figure and I could not get passed it! I think I can like dark romances but only when the situation that the characters are in is dark not when the relationship itself is toxic.

Temptation is the fourth and final book in the Mate Games series and what a journey this has been. I do think that this was my least favourite book in the series and that is mostly because Caleb is my least favourite of the love interests and this is his book. I thought that maybe I would grow to love him more, but, in the end, I never connected with him. I think I just don’t love tortured love interests. Give me a cinnamon roll any day! Also, we built up to this Armageddon over the course of four books and it wrapped up so quickly. There were some fun reveals though and some steamy/sweet moments. The audiobooks are top tier and I would highly recommend them!

I finally read A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon and it was so ridiculous and so fun! I cannot wait to read the sequel, A Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch, when it comes out in November. I have a feeling it will be even better than the first book! I appreciated that this book had a plot outside of the romance and there were some side characters I adored. This really is Gilmore Girls with witches and I ate it up! That said, I wish it was a little bit more slow burn and the main character, Muriel, definitely read younger than she actually, but I expected this to be over the top and that is exactly what it was.

I was so pleasantly surprised by One for My Enemy after being so disappointed by The Atlas Six. The writing in this story worked so much better for me and I think I am a fan of Romeo and Juliet retellings. It wasn’t a perfect book in terms of pacing or characterizations, but I thought it was doing something original and it made me curious to try more from Olivie Blake. I am so glad that a book club forced me to pick this up because I never would have on my own!

Everyone told me that I was going to love The Dead Romantics and they were right! I love what Ashley Poston is doing with romances where they read like contemporary romances with a slight fantasy twist. I adored the love interest (who happens to be a ghost!) because he is such a cinnamon roll. Though this is definitely a romance, I think it is more of a story about family and grief. I need to get to The Seven Year Slip sooner rather than later!

I cannot believe that The Art of Scandal is Regina Black’s debut! She is an author who I will definitely be looker out for. I thought there was something so beautiful about this romance. The synopsis would make you believe that this is a story about revenge but it is not. This is a true love story and we follow these characters as they fall in love with each other and themselves. I adored it!

I am so happy that I finally read Belladonna because I thought it more than lived up to the hype and I managed to grab a copy of the Fairyloot edition of the sequel, which I will be reading ASAP! I thought Signa was an incredible character and I was so invested in her and in the romance. I loved the way this ended. It was not a cliffhanger but left you with enough intrigue to want to see what happens next. Also Death was 🔥

I think Something Wild and Wonderful is my favourite romance of the year! I am not at all surprised because after reading Love and Other Disasters I had a feeling that Anita Kelly had the potential to become a favourite author. I just adore the way that they write characters! There is so much chemistry and respect between Ben and Alexei and I love their love. I have absolutely no desire to do a hike like this one, but I sure loved reading about it. I need to this be made into a movie like yesterday!

What was the best book you read in August?

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  1. It sounds like you had some (mostly) good reads in August! I’m looking forward to The Dead Romantics—it seems like a likely candidate for October reading, given the ghost love interest. My favorite book last month was Role Playing, which surprised me by being a cozy contemporary romance (no fantasy elements) with adult main characters who actually talked to each other. Such a sweet story.

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