September TBR

I am participating in Battleathon in September and attempting to read all of the books for my friends’ book clubs.

Heavenly Bodies is the September book for Tori’s book club and I have been hearing some buzz about this one. It is over 600 pages, so that intimidates me, but I hope that it reads quickly. It is a fantasy romance and that is definitely what I have been craving lately!

The Witch Haven has been on my radar for ages and I am excited to have an excuse to pick it up since it is the September book for The Black Hat Coven Book Club. I have heard it leans towards dark academia with a hint of romance and that is definitely something that appeals to me!

You will see in my August wrap up that I ended up DNFing the August book for the Spelled by Books book club, but I have a feeling I will love the September choice since it is Slaying the Vampire Conqueror. Though this is a standalone, it is set in the same world as The Serpent and the Wings of Night, which is a book I loved. Give me all of the vampire books this time of year!

I am buddy reading Long Shot in September and I am so ready for it. Kennedy Ryan is quickly becoming one of my favourite romances authors and I am hoping this is the book that makes me a fan of sports romances. It is important to know there are content warnings but I trust Kennedy Ryan to handle the themes with care.

I am buddy reading The City of Dusk with my friend Cait. We are attempting to read all of your Fairyloot books and settled on this one for September since the preorder for the Fairyloot edition of the sequel becomes available in October. Something I learned this year is that I love books that feature djinn, so I have high hopes for this.

I have an ALC from Netgalley of Starling House and it will be my first book from Alix E. Harrow. It has so many of my buzzwords- Gothic, small town, and an uncanny house. I really hope I love this!

I also have an ALC of After the Forest and I am so intrigued by the fact that it is dark fairytale that asks the question, “What happened to Hansel and Gretel twenty years after they escaped the witch in the gingerbread house?”

You know I needed to sneak one cozy fantasy onto my TBR! I have been wanting to read Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea for awhile now and there is no better time to pick it up than during the fall. If I could sneak in the sequel that would be amazing as well.

House of Roots and Ruin is the sequel to House of Salt and Sorrows, which is a book that took me by complete surpirse. I have heard from friends that they liked the sequel even more, which really excites me.

I am in the middle of Half a Soul and I am loving it! I had to put it down to read The Mask of Mirrors for book club, but I cannot wait to get back to this because I was adoring everything about it.

Fear the Flames is another book I am carrying over from August and is another book I am really enjoying! The only reason I haven’t finished it is because it is a longer book and I have it downloaded from KU. I haven’t been reading on my kindle lately but I am hoping to get back into it.

What is on your September TBR?

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21 thoughts on “September TBR

  1. These are some great picks! I’m hoping to finally read The House of Salt and Sorrows this autumn, and while I don’t know if I’ll get to the sequel as well I’m still really excited to read it (eventually). Happy reading!

  2. I’m excited for Starling House to be released. I didn’t know Alix E.Harrow had another full novel coming out until fairly recently and this one sounds so good. All of her books have been very different so it will be interesting to see how she tackles the “gothic, creepy house” trope that I’ve been loving these last couple of years. After The Forest also looks and sounds very interesting. We see an abundance of fairytale retellings, but not many seem to tackle what happens after the initial story, and Hansel and Gretl isn’t one I tend to see explored. I might have to keep an eye out for it as it is certainly one I’d be interested in reading.

    1. I’m curious to see how she takes on that trope too! A friend told me she thinks I’m going to love it!

      Right? It does sounds like After the Forest is doing something unique. I’ll definitely share my thoughts here when I get to it!

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