Witchy Rom-Coms on My TBR

There are a lot of subgenres that I adore, but I think that witchy rom-coms are at the top of the list. I find them so comforting and they are often quirky and ridiculous and put a smile on my face. Give me Gilmore Girls vibes with witches and I am a happy girl! I want to curate a list of the witchy rom-coms that are on my TBR for two reasons: 1. to hopefully put some new books on your radar and, 2. to have a post I can refer back to when I am in the mood for another witchy rom-com.

The Witch is Back wins the award for the cutest cover on this list! This is both fake dating and a second chance romance and there is a dog. What else do you need to know?

I meant to read Witchful Thinking last year when it came out but time got away from me and I have been waiting for Fall to come around again to pick it up! It is set in a seaside small town and follows a witch who reads tea leaves and the love interest is always looking for the next adventure and just happens to be a merman. Sounds adorable!

Payback’s a Witch feels like a witchy rom-com that everyone but me has read! It is also sapphic and there are four books in the series (so far!), so I hope I love the first book because it would nice to have a witchy rom-com series to turn to when the mood strikes.

I will be reading The Witch Haven in September for a book club and I am excited to finally get to it! This is the only YA book on my list and it is also historical, which is fun and something different. It is set in 1911 New York and the main character is a seamstress. I am just now learning there is a sequel. I don’t know how that wasn’t on my radar before but I am happy!

I realized that I appreciate a good hex or curse in my witchy rom-coms, so I have a good feeling about Go Hex Yourself and its sequel, What the Hex. The first book is a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance and that is all I need to know!

I have heard so many amazing things about Wolf Gone Wild and the entire series! There are currently six books in the series and they all sounds like so much fun. I am hoping that they give me the same feelings that the Mead Mishaps series did!

Not Your Ex’s Hexes is the sequel to Not the Witch You Wed, which was a book that really surprised me. Not only did I love the romance, but I was also deeply invested in the world and the politics. I also have an eARC of the third book, Not Your Crush’s Cauldron, so I need to make book two a priority.

We need more animal companions (or familiars!) even witchy romances, so I was thrilled to find A Little Too Familiar. The main character helps mages connect with their familiars- how cute is that?

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic just came out in June but we are already getting the sequel (How to Fake-Date a Vampire) at the end of August, so I would love to read book one sooner rather than later.

Do you have any witchy rom-com recommendations? If not, what is a niche that you love?

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17 thoughts on “Witchy Rom-Coms on My TBR

  1. I love a witchy Rom Com! Payback’s a Witch is such a fun read!

    The Witch Haven was great, although I’d say it’s a bit more dark academia than rom com in terms of flavor.

    Hope you enjoy all of these!

  2. why is it that the cover of witchy rom-coms are always the most gorgeous on the planet?? i would actually call it unfair if i didnt enjoy looking at them so much

  3. Ohh well, I don’t read too many witchy rom-coms (or not at all), but I have so say, some of these intrigue me! Thank you for sharing this lovely list!! 🥰

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