September 2023 Book Releases

Fall book releases are almost here! It is the best time of year! The amount of witchy novels on this list is ridiculous but I am not complaining.

September 5th

Andrew Joseph White’s books have the greatest covers! Ideally I would like to read Hell Followed With Us before picking up The Spirit Bares Its Teeth, since I have also heard amazing things about it. However, I have a feeling that The Spirit Bares Its Teeth is going to become an intsant favourite for me. I love that it is set in 1883 and it appears to have a school setting.

I appreciate a good locked-room mystery every now and then and I love that this one involves a 1920s-themed party. I have a feeling that Suddenly a Murder is going to be super dramatic and I am going to eat it up!

I am always looking for haunted house stories this time of year and The September House sounds perfect for me! One of my favourite things is when the house itself feels like a character and that definitely seems to be what we will be getting with this book and I cannot wait.

If you have been around the blog for awhile, you know that I love teen slashers, so There’s No Way I’d Die First sounds perfect for me. Clowns are my biggest fear, so I am ready to be terrified.

It seems as though I have been waiting for A Shot in the Dark for ages because I remember thinking it would come out in 2022. I am so happy the release day is almost here because this sounds like the kind of romance that will stay with me. Victoria Lee is an author who I have been wanting to read from for years.

Providence Girls was a complete cover add for me and can you blame me? I love this cover but the premise sounds amazing as well.

September 12th

I think this is the first time I included a poetry collection in one of these posts! I am not well-versed in poetry but I do love this series from Trista Mateer. Each of the collections in this series follows a different character from Greek Mythology and I am so excited to get Persephone’s POV. I will be reading Persephone Made Me Do It the moment it comes out.

Witch of Wild Things is the first of many witchy books coming out in September! This sounds like something that I am drawn to when it comes to these stories. Give me small town with a second chance romance but make it witchy and I am happy! The fact that the main character can communicate with plants is a bonus.

I didn’t know how much I needed a Dark Academia anthology! In These Hallowed Halls sounds amazing and includes a lot of authors I recognize. Though I didn’t love The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake, I just read One For My Enemy and it surprised me, so I am excited to read a short story from her. I have also enjoyed books from M.L. Rio, Layne Fargo, and Tori Bovalino.

I have a confession to make- I have not read Bunny! That said, I have read All’s Well and thought it did some really interesting things. Of all of Mona Awad’s books, Rouge is the one that intrigues me the most. I think she is going to have some interesting things to say about the horrors of the beauty industry.

Monstrous sounds like it is going to be a survival story, and those can be it or miss for me. However, I think this one could potentially work because it has a supernatural element and I have heard great things about this author. I also have Bad Witch Burning on audio and need to get to it!

I spotted the cat on the cover of A Market of Dreams and Destiny and added it to my TBR. The comparison to The Night Circus makes me nervous but I am hoping it takes the whimsy that I liked from that story and does something unique.

The tagline “drink up, witches” is super cheesy but that is why I want to read This Spells Disaster. Something I have realized I love but is very niche is when someone accidentally takes a love potion and the characters have to navigate whether the relationship is real or if it is only the potion. There is something hilarious and fun about that setup!

I have been seeing some amazing reviews for The Death I Gave Him and I am here for a queer SciFi that is also a retelling of Hamlet.

I feel like it is so easy to find holiday and summer romance, but I cannot say the same for fall romances, so I am excited for You, Again. This sounds like it is going to be a romp and I am always up for enemies-to-lovers.

September 15th

As soon as I saw that Heart of Night and Fire was described right on the cover as “an absolutely addictive slow burn fantasy romance”, I added it to my TBR. I think the world is going to be so interesting and I am ready to see this romance bloom over the course of four books. The angst!

September 19th

Never Whistle at Night is an anthology of indigenous dark fiction short stories and you might recognize some of the authors who contributed to this collection. Darcie Little Badger, Tommy Orange, Waubgeshig Rice, and Rebecca Roanhorse are all authors I love! There is also an introduction from Stephen Graham Jones!

The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic is another small town, second-chance, witchy romance, so you know I am going to read it!

I don’t think I have to explain why Starter Villain is on this list! I mean the cat is in a suit! If I am anything, I am a cat lover and this will be read the moment it comes out.

I will try anything that is compared to Veronica Mars! How to Find a Missing Girl sounds like it is going to be a good time and hopefully it is the start of a series. I love the idea of following this sapphic detective agency solve a bunch of different cases.

I read Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner last year and had so much fun with it, so I cannot wait for Cleat Cute. It is a sapphic, enemies-to-lovers romance between teammates who are training for the World Cup. Seem timely!

The vibes of the cover of A Study in Drowning are everything and I have a good feeling about this one. I have heard good things about Ava Reid in genre but I am loving the academia vibes this is giving me.

I have this feeling that Rachel Harrison has the potential to become a favourite author. Black Sheep is really calling to me because I think it has some sort of cult and I like a good family drama in my horror.

September 26th

Time to Shine is officially the first holiday romance on one of these lists for 2023! It doesn’t hurt that it is a hockey romance because I know those are having a moment right now.

I wish that Mermaids Never Drown was released earlier this summer but I am still excited for it! I adore Zoraida Cordova and some other author’s who contributed to the collection, including Darcy Little Badger (who seems to contributed to so many anthologies and I love it!), Kaylnn Bayron, Adriana Herrera, June Hur, and Julie Murphy.

The synopsis of If I Have to be Haunted is definitely giving me Cemetery Boys vibes and that thrills me. I don’t know why, but I love romances where one of the characters is a ghost. It must stem for my love of the movie Just Like Heaven!

I am in love with the cover of The Pomegranate Gate and the fact that it is compared to authors like Tasha Suri and Katherine Arden tells me it is going to be something that works for me.

The cover for And Then She Fell is super creepy and that intrigues me!

I go back and forth on whether I am interested in reading The Scarlet Veil because I enjoyed Serpent and Dove but really dislike the rest of the series. This is set in the same world, so it might not be for me, but then again there are vampires!

How whimsical is the cover of The Navigating Fox? This is novella that sounds so unique and the main character is a fox. Definitely high on my list!

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