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I have truly been in a fantasy romance book lately, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the books that are on my more immediate fantasy romance TBR. These are books that I own physically, grabbed during Stuff Your Kindle day, or have access to through KU or Scribd.

I adore Alexis Hall and I am so excited that he wrote a fantasy romance! Most of the books on this list are ones I have on KU or audio, but I do own a copy of Mortal Follies. It is set in 1814 and a young woman in high society who happens to be cursed and the consequences of the curse are getting more and more deadly. Her only hope is to team up with Lady Georgianna Landrake who is rumoured to be an enchantress. So this is a sapphic romance with witches, fairy spirits, and deities. Sounds so fun!

Eidolon is the sequel to Radiance, which is arguably my favourite fantasy romance. I have been warned that it is not quite on the same level as Radiance and it is not as fantasy-focused, but I adored these characters and thought the world and politics were interesting, so I want to see where the story goes from here.

The Ashes of the Star Cursed King is the sequel to The Serpent and the Wings of Night. I have been dying to read this since I finished the first book, but I have been waiting for the audiobook to come out. I think it is projected to finally be released in October. There was so much about book one that worked for me and it ended on a cliffhanger, so I need answers asap!

Forged By Magic is a standalone fantasy romance, which I am always looking for. I borrowed this on KU and read the first couple of chapters to see if it was one I was interested in and I was liking the setup. This is described as heartwarming and feel-good, which you know I am always looking for. The main character is one of the few half-orcs left in the world and she is trapped in a tower by the emperor who killed her family. He makes her a deal where he will grant her freedom if she kills those who wield dragon magic. She ends up shipwrecked on the wrong island and meets an elven blacksmith. That is as far as I got!

Sweet Vengeance is the first book in a new series and is under 200 pages. It follows a woman named Joy who wants to make a deal with a demon in an act of revenge and Malachi, a demon who is looking to make a deal with a human so he can stay in the mortal realm. Malachi finds himself deeply attracted to Joy’s vengeful nature. It is set in Nigeria and reviews are saying it is both dark and soft and steamy and sweet. Sounds so good!

Queen and Conqueror is the first book in The Queen’s Red Guard series and every single review I read described the main character, Almira, as a badass and I loved that! Almira is a Queen and the Red Guards are made up entirely of women. She has a cat-and-mouse, slow-burn romance with the King who is the spare heir who killed his brother to take the throne.

How to Train Your Goblin King is technically a standalone but the author is writing a series of fairytale retellings. I am hoping that this has similar vibes to the Mead Mishaps series because it is also described as hilarious. The synopsis on Goodreads says to read this if you like sensible heroines, ridiculously handsome heroes, fantasy creatures, and dreadful puns. I am a fan of all those things! Give me all of the dreadful puns!

Leviathan’s Song comes highly recommended by both Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners and Heather @ Heabooktube and it is the first book in The Boundlands series. The quick pitch for this is that it is a slow-burn paranormal romance about a girl caught between multiple magical factions and the mysterious merman she longs for.

The author was kind enough to send me an ALC of The Briar Crown and I was thrilled because it was one of the books submitted to SPFBO this year that I was most excited to try. It follows Roslyn, who is a dryad with the ability to control nettles and dandelions. She ends up saving the human prince, who happens to be the son of the King who conquered her people. He is now indebted to her. There are quite a few fantasy romances that are up for SPFBO that caught my eye but I will start with this one!

These next five books are all ones I grabbed during Stuff Your Kindle Day. Street Witch is the first book in a trilogy. All of the books are out now, so it is ready for you to marathon. There is a serious lack of witchy fantasy romances on my TBR, so give me all your recommendations.

Stealing the Trolls Heart is described as a very spicy novella! It follows a human woman and a trollkin who fall in love after she tries to rob him. Their love is forbidden since their people are at war. Sounds like fun to me!

I think you can tell from the cover that Sun Serpent has dragons and that is all I needed to know to download it! It also has amazing reviews and is the first book in a series. The sequel just came out! It follows a Fire Draken named Elyria as she conceals her magic by working for a circus. It also follows Prince Cal who needs Elyria’s help to save his people from a dark lord. 

Once Upon a Viking is a collection of three Viking fairytale romances. It includes retellings of The Princess and the Pea, Three Little Pigs, and Hansel and Gretel

Gravebriar is the only YA novel on this list! It sounds fantastic and follows a coven of witches. It also appears to be a stand alone. I love that our main character is the only poison witch among green witches and that she has to keep it a secret.

Do you like fantasy romance? Are any of these are on your TBR?

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