Authors I Haven’t Read But Want To

I spoke about some of the authors I want to discover in 2022 in the past, but there are so many other authors that I have more than enough for a part two!

Sarah Pinborough

I have been curious about Sarah Pinborough’s thrillers for a while now, but I was spoiled for the ending of Behind Her Eyes, so I just never got to it. I remember hearing some things about Cross Her Heart, but it was never a book I wanted to prioritize. That said, she has a new book called Insomnia actually comes out today, but I believe I am being sent an ARC. The cover is so creepy and I have been told to go into this one blind, so that is what I am going to do! If I like it, I will definitely give Cross Her Heart a chance.

Jennifer McMahon

There are a few thriller authors who I have been curious about, and Jennifer McMahon is near the top of that list! Her 2022 release, The Children on the Hill, is the book that is finally convincing me to just read her stuff! I have been recommended The Drowning Kind many times, have seen The Winder People around for years, and I am intrigued by the premise of The Invited.

Jennifer Hillier

I cannot tell you how many years Jar of Hearts has been on my TBR. I have heard it is fantastic! I was shocked by how good of a rating Little Secrets has on Goodreads- somehow it slipped my radar. Things We Do in the Dark is her upcoming release and all I know about it is that the main character is accused of killing her celebrity husband. Sounds intense!

Sarah Hogle

I love holiday romances, so I was so excited when I saw the cover reveal for Just Like Magic! How festive does that cover look!? Sarah Hogle is a pretty popular romance author, and I have always been curious about her books. I just haven’t prioritized them!

Shea Ernshaw

A History of Wild Places was one of my most anticipated books of last year and I thought I would finally read something from Shea Ernshaw. Once it came out, it was getting mixed reviews, which made me nervous. I am still curious about it though! Ernshaw has two books coming out this year, both of which have caught my eye. Who wouldn’t want to read Long Live the Pumpkin Queen? It is a The Nightmare Before Christmas retelling! A Wilderness of Stars is a fantasy that has to do with astrology and constellations, and that just sounds like fun.

Sophie Gonzalez

Perfect on Paper and If This Gets Out are two YA novels I have had my eye on and have heard great things about. Never Ever Getting Back Together is her 2022 release and I am here for both the title and the cover. It focuses on a The Bachelor-type reality show where two female competitors fall in love.

Marlon James

I have heard incredible things about all of Marlon James’ work, but they are so huge! I have both Black Leopard, Red Wolf and Moon Witch, Spider King on my shelves and I am determined to at least attempt them this year.

Louise O’Neill

Louise O’Neill has been on my TBR for years! I just don’t know where to start. I think that her upcoming 2022 release, Idol, is going to be a perfect place to start. It seems as though it will tackle a lot of relevant topics, including the #MeToo movement.

Peng Shepherd

I have had The Book of M on my shelves for years and it has always interested me, but then the pandemic happened and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. The Cartographers is her newest release and it has been everywhere lately with stellar reviews!

Octavia E. Butler

I am ashamed to say that I have yet to read anything from Octavia E. Butler, not even Kindred! I have a copy of Parable of the Sower and it is also available on KU, so that is probably the first of hers I will read.

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64 thoughts on “Authors I Haven’t Read But Want To

  1. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle was one of my favorite reads! It was so unexpected, and it made me laugh and cry a bunch for all the best reasons. Definitely recommend prioritizing them! 🙂

  2. The only author here that I have read is Sarah Hogle and she’s excellent. I hope you enjoy all these authors when you get to them.

  3. Ooo! Jennifer Hillier! Those are the three of hers I have read and LOVED. So good. I think Things We Do in the Dark might still be available to request on NetGalley, if you use that. I hope you get to read them soon.

  4. Fantastic list. I know I could come up with a part 2 as well. I’d love to read one of Peng Shepherd’s books. I hope you enjoy all of these authors once you do finally read them. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I haven’t read a lot of these, but Asking For It by Louise O’Neill was haunting. I also love Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower and Kindred were great.

  6. Octavia Butler is in a class of her own, and both Kindred and Parable of the Sower are must reads (but very disturbing, so choose a time when you’re really up for it). I’ve read two Shea Ernshaw books, including A History of Wild Places, and really enjoyed them both. I’ve been wanting to try Sarah Pinborough too — I have a couple of bookish friends who are big fans!

  7. A History of Wild Places was such a good read! And I finished Kindred a few days ago and it was also so so good. I hope you enjoy these authors!

  8. Marlon James is worth it. I loved his Book of Night Women. It’s a bit shorter than the two novels you listed, I think, and so good.

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