New-to-Me Authors I Want to Discover in 2022

I spoke about the authors who I discovered in 2021 in a previous post, so I thought I would mix it up this week and share some of the authors I hope to discover in 2022.

Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys Books

Are you tired of me talking about how excited I am to read Ruta Sepetys? It just needs to happen already. I have this feeling that when I read Salt to the Sea, I am going to fall down the rabbit hole of reading all of her books. I have a signed edition of The Fountain of Silence, which I would love to get to soon, and I Must Betray You comes out in February and sounds amazing!

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende Books

I recently heard Ashley from The Bookish Realm speak about Violeta by Isabel Allende and I just loved the way she spoke about it and I have a feeling it will be something I love. It is the author’s 2022 release and it actually comes out today! I added A Long Petal of the Sea to my TBR when it first came out and remember being intrigued by it. She also has an extensive backlist that I can explore!

T. Kingfisher

T. Kingfisher Books

T. Kingfisher is an author who I saw everywhere in 2021. I have really been getting into horror, so both The Hollow Places and The Twisted Ones are calling out to me. Nettle & Bone is her 2022 release and it seems to getting some buzz already. I am fascinatedby the fact that her novels are horror fantasy, which is not a genre I have really explored.

Constance Sayers

Constance Sayers Books

I will be reading A Witch in Time for my 12 Challenge, and I just have this feeling that I am going to love it. Constance Sayers has only one other published novel, The Ladies of the Secret Circus, which I am also curious about. It seems as though Sayers’ novels are written for me- the synopses for both of them have so many of my buzzwords.

Ashley Winstead

Ashley Winstead Books

I meant to read In My Dreams I Hold a Knife last fall. It seemed as though everyone was reading and loving it at the time! I really want to get to it this year and then also try both of Ashley Winstead’s 2022 releases. Fool Me Once is actually a romance and The Last Housewife is another thriller. I always love when authors explore different genres!

Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor Books

Nnedi Okorafor is an author who I have been meaning to read from for years now! All of her premises appeal to me and I am always here for a shorter SciFi. I am thinking that I will start with Noor because I do have the audiobook, though the third book the Akata Witch series comes out in October, so it would be great to read the first two before then. Honestly, I just want to read it all!

Emily Lloyd-Jones

Emily Lloyd-Jones Books

Look how amazing these covers look together! The Bone Houses has been on my TBR for years and something about it has always called to me. It is a Ya horror fantasy and I think there are zombies? I am so ready for it! I want to finally read it before The Drowned Woods comes out in August. I know that Emily Lloyd-Jones has a few other books as well!

Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich Books

Louise Erdrich is an author whose work I just know I am going to adore! I own a copy of The Night Watchman and The Plague of Doves, so I want to read those first, Though her newest release, The Sentence, really appeals to me. Erdrich is another author who I can see myself falling down a rabbit hole with and wanting to read a lot of her backlist.

Jennifer Saint

The covers for Ariadne and Elektra are beyond gorgeous! I have actually preordered a copy of Elektra, which comes out in April. I really should read Ariadne before that! I am so in the mood for some Greek mythology.

Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee Books

A Lesson in Vengeance was one of my most anticipated books of 2021 but I just never got to it! I heard mixed things, but I have been seeing more and more positive reviews lately! I have also heard that her Feverwake series is incredible.

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54 thoughts on “New-to-Me Authors I Want to Discover in 2022

  1. I read The Hollow Places earlier this year, and need to check out more of her work!
    I love Nnedi Okorafor, also need to read more of her works!
    And I recently bought Ariadne, so that one is high on my TBR!

    My post!

  2. Some of these I read last year too but they didn’t make my list. There were so many! I really can’t wait for Elektra because I loved Ariadne!! Sepetys has always been a favorite but I’m so behind on her books!

    My Top Ten

  3. I met Ruta Sepetys at the Hay Festival a few years ago. She was so lovely and I bought a signed copy of Salt to the Sea. The book is AMAZING and I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t read any of her other work yet but I must.

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  5. Such a great approach to the topic! I see several here that I love. I’d like to read the new book by Isabel Allende, but if you’ve never read her before, you’re in for such a treat if you explore her backlist. (I just gave a family member The House of the Spirits this past year, and she loved it).

  6. I’ve never read an adult novel by Isabel Allende, but one of my favorite book series growing up were by her. I don’t remember the English title, but something along the lines of the Eagle and the Jaguar? I was obsessed as a kid/teen!

  7. I adored Ariadne and can’t wait for Elektra and you’re right, the covers for both are gorgeous 😍
    Salt To The Sea has been on my tbr forever too and I didn’t know Ashley Winstead had two books out this year. I’ll have to look them both up. Been meaning to read her 2021 release for ages but my library never got it in (I tend to borrow thrillers more than buy them for some reason).

      1. Wasn’t It? That’s odd. I don’t think I’ve actually seen it in store thinking about it which is odd. Maybe they’ll release an audio book when the paperback releases.

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