Reading Goals for 2022

I don’t often set resolutions, but there are some things I want to focus on when it comes to my reading throughout 2022.

12 Challenge

I have referenced the 12 Challenge a few times on this blog, but the goal is to read 12 books, recommended by 12 friends, in 12 months. You all help me choose those 12 books, and I shared them in a recent blog post. I will keep you updated as I make my way through these books!

TBR Cart

I put together a TBR cart full of books that I own and want to prioritize in 2022. It would be amazing if that cart was completely cleared at the end of the year. I posted a video and wrote a blog post where I talked about all of these books, in case you are curious!

Track Reading on The Storygraph and in Journal

I have been pretty good about updating my Storygraph when I actually finish a book, but I want to get better at tracking my reading every day. There is a chart that tracks this for you, so I want to be consistent with it.

I always go into a new year with the best intentions in terms of keeping a physical reading journal, but I always fall out of the habit rather quickly. This year feels different because I have found a reading journal that works for me!

Read 12 Nonfiction

I used to read more nonfiction, but I neglected it in 2021. I want to get back into it because when I do read nonfiction I normally love it! I think one a month is a good goal to start off with, but I would ideally like to read more!

Catch Up On Series

I say this all of the time, but I am terrible at continuing on with series, even when I loved the first book. I really want that to be a focus this year, and I will probably write a separate post of the ones I want to prioritize.

Read Backlist Titles From Authors I Love

I often fall in love with an author’s writing, but I never explore their backlist. There are quite a few authors I can think of, Heather O’Neill for example, but I will talk more about these in a future post.

Quality over Quantity

I can get into this mindset where I avoid big books even though I think I am going to love them simply because I know that they are going to be a larger time investment. I need to get over this way of thinking because I know it is stopping me from reading really incredible books.

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30 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2022

  1. I’m the same when it comes to backlists, currently working through Mitch Albom and Fredrik Backman books as a goal for the year.
    Good luck and happy reading

  2. I love your goals – one of my goals is to catch up on series I have fallen behind on too. That was a goal in 2021, but well….didn’t quite happen. So I’m hoping I do better this year!

  3. I too am aiming at quality over quantity this year just so I don’t force myself to rush through books to achieve a certain number of books read by the end of the year. Good luck with all your reading goals 🙂

  4. These are great goals!

    And I love story graph. I’m not always consistent with it, for example if I only read a few pages at a time I generally don’t log those pages. But it’s awesome to see personal reading trends. Hope this goal is successful for you!

  5. I am going to do more Quality over Quantity this year (or try to!) and I also want to read more backlists of authors I love.

  6. I’m doing the 12 books challenge too, I even printed the template but didn’t fill it in, I’ll just fill it in as I go. I’m too much of a mood reader to fill in a book for each month. I got some great recommendations too, some are out of my comfort zone.

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