Last Book Haul of 2021

My friends and family truly know the way to my heart! Gift me books or anything book-related and I will be thrilled. I don’t often post hauls over here, but I got so many gems and just had to share.

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If you followed by blogmas at all, you will know that Lore Olympus was at the top of my wishlist, so you know I was thrilled to find it under the tree. I read in on boxing day morning and it was as delightful as I was hoping it would be. The second volume comes out on July 5th, 2022, which seems so far away. It is taking everything in me not to read the rest online (it is available as a webtoon!). I love everything about this, from the illustrations or the dialogue. I am here for the slow burn of this!

I wish I had read Greek Mythology before I read the first volume of Lore Olympus because Lore Olympus is referenced quite frequently throughout the book. I think that this book is perfect for anyone who enjoys Greek Myth retellings but does not have a lot of knowledge of the original myths. I found it so helpful and know I will be referring to it a lot. Plus, the illustrations are gorgeous!

I am currently reading A Certain Appeal and it is truly the perfect book to be reading this time of year. I knew five pages in that I was going to have a blast with this one, and I am so far. It is a Pride and Prejudice retelling set at a burlesque club in Manhatten and it is just a good time.

The Nature of Witches is a book a have heard mixed things about, but I have a good feeling about it. I love witchy books and the magic system in this one and how it is connection to season is really interesting. The book is also gorgeous in person and I love the design underneath the dust jacket.

My best friend gifted me a copy of The Ballerinas and it is high priority for me in January. I love any book, movie, or TV show that highlights the dark side of ballet. I have seen this book everywhere and I am excited to get to it.

The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina and A Psalm for the Wild-Built are two of my favourite books of the year, so I am thrilled to have physical copies for my shelves!

I am trying to collect more of Louise Erdrich’s work because I have a feeling she will become a favourite author and I want to test that theory in 2022. This edition of The Plague of Doves is stunning!

I have been wanting to read The Shadow of the Wind for years but have never actually owned a copy. I am so excited that I can now pick it up whenever the mood strikes, and I know that it is a lot of people’s favourite book of all time.

I knew nothing about Dava Shastri’s Last Day, but my mom bought it because she thought it looked like something I would enjoy, and I think she is right!

I have now officially completed my Thomas Nelson Seasons collection. These three are from the Fall collection, and they are Shakespeare in Autumn, Sense and Sensibility, and Anne of Green Gables.

Schitt’s Creek, Friends, and The Office are my three favourite shows, so it is only appropriate that I would be gifted a book about each of them! Best Wishes, Warmest Regards includes behind the scenes photos from Schitt’s Creek, while Life is Better With Friends and The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary are both children’s books and are so cute.

I love the original Bibliophile, so I am thrilled to now have the diverse edition as well as the reading journal. I am determined to keep a physically reading journal in 2022!

My brother and his girlfriend gift me perfume every year, and it is often bookish related. This year’s perfume is Bibliotheque by Byredo and it is gorgeous. It does have a bookish smell- I can’t explain it!

This cat bookmark is from Anthropologie and it is the cutest thing ever!

This may seem random but it is actually really cool! It is a printer for black and white photos and the back of the paper is adhesive, so my plan is to print out the covers of the books I read throughout 2022 and stick them in my reading journal!

How cute are these shirts!? The Minnie Mouse one is from Out of Print, and both the one more chapter t-shirt and the Belle t-shirt are from Amazon.

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  1. I’m so happy you got Lore Olympus!!! YESSS! And glad to hear you enjoyed it~!

    And yay for the Schitt’s Creek book too!!! I have to get myself a copy of that soon!

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