Blogmas (Day Four) | A Bookish Christmas Tree Tour

I love a good bookish ornament and for the first year ever I have set up a Christmas tree next to my bookshelf which has all of my bookish ornaments and some other fun ones! I love this tree and I know that no one will appreciate it as much as my readers and fellow book lovers.

Many of the ornaments I feature in this post are from Old World Christmas. I love their ornaments and they have so many to choose from, so you can find the perfect ornament for yourself or someone on your Christmas list. I will include links to the ornaments when I can and some will be affiliate links.

Old World Christmas | Amazon

I start every day with an iced coffee, so this is the perfect ornament for me!

Old World Christmas | Amazon

How cute is this literal bookworm?

Old World Christmas | Amazon

Anyone who loves to cook or bake will appreciate this kitchen utensil ornament!


Sadly, I cannot find this exact ornament anywhere online, but I linked to one that is close. This is the santa from Rudolph and he has a sparkly beard and is drinking egg nog. I love him!

Hallmark | Amazon

Every bookish tree needs a Belle ornament!

Old World Christmas | Amazon

Sunflowers are my favourite flower, so this ornament was a must for me! There are a ton of other flowers to choose from as well.

Old World Christmas | Amazon

Boston is one of my favourite cities so I was thrilled when I was gifted this Boston ornament! They have a ton of other cities as well. I have seen New York, Washington, and Chicago!


I had a hard time finding this ornament anywhere online, but I did buy it this year at Walmart, so check there! I adore Snoopy, especially at Christmas, and I love that this one lights up.


This penguin ornament from Tiffanys is definitely the most expensive ornament on my tree, but it was a gift from my dad for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore it. Penguins mean a lot to my family! They don’t have the penguin this year, but they have a snowman that is adorable.

Old World Christmas | Amazon

I was so excited when I found this Little Library ornament! It is the cutest thing and there’s nothing I love more than a little free library.

Old World Christmas | Amazon

My cat who passed away in October was a calico, so I have a lot of calico related items that I cherish. They also have different breeds as well as dogs.

Old World Christmas | Amazon

This stack of books was one of my first bookish ornaments and I just love it. The glitter is a nice touch!


Another stack of books! I love the pastel colours in this stack.

I sadly could not find this ornament anywhere online as it is a few years old. It is from Williams-Sonoma and looks exactly like a sugar cookie. I also have a Christmas tree one and they are some of my favourite ornaments!

Old World Christmas | Amazon

I think that this I Love You ornament would make for the sweetest gift!


A great gift for fans of The Office!

Old World Christmas | Amazon

Monarch butterflies are my favourite, and this ornament is absolutely stunning in person!


If you can find this adorable Starbucks ornament in store, I highly recommend it. It is actually a miniature tumbler and the lid comes off and everything. It is also a keychain! I do want to point out that I have found these online and linked one, but they are overpriced! People go into the stores and buy them all just to resell them online.


I love the beach, so this is the perfect ornament for me! It also comes in two other colours!

Old World Christmas | Amazon

I was emotional putting up this ornament this year, but it is probably my favourite. They also have one that says I Love My Dog!


This sprinkle donut is just the cutest thing!

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25 thoughts on “Blogmas (Day Four) | A Bookish Christmas Tree Tour

  1. I love your ornaments and especially the books and the bookworm and the little library! Your tree is so cute. I bet you had so much fun collecting them all and putting them on your tree.

  2. Aww, these are such cute ornaments (love the bookish ones)! I have been slowly converting my boring old balls (haha) to something cute and fun.

      1. Haha, yeah, it definitely does! But it is so so much fun, so I don’t mind that it takes longer. Each year I look forward to the moment that Christmas items are in stores~

  3. Many years ago, my parent’s house burned down and one thing we realized several months later, was that we had no ornaments. so we decided to buy each other ornaments that we would open on Christmas Eve and hang on the tree (accompanied by mom’s boozy eggnog, of course).
    It became a year long task to find the perfect themed ornament, some didn’t start out as one. A trip to the fishing store provided many lures for Dad, Mom would get birds and crafty ones.
    The first year we had 12. The next 24. Add a marriage and a girlfriend into the mix gave us another 25 to add to the previous 36. two more years and we had to call it quits because we didn’t have a big enough tree!

  4. Great ornaments. I’ve got to get some bookish ones for myself.

    I’ve got a calico cat ornament too but it’s one I made myself in memory of the calico cat I lost this year. I then ended up making an ornament for every cat we’ve had before and the one we have now. They were cathartic to make and satisfying to see on the tree.

  5. Every year, I buy my son a Christmas tree ornament. The idea is that when he leaves home for his own place, he’ll have ornaments filled with memories. I was struggling this year! I hadn’t heard of Old World Christmas before, but they have the perfect one for this year – a pizza slice! Thanks for the post.

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