Blogmas (Day 3) | Tips for New Book Bloggers

I have blogging for over four and a half years and still feel like I am learning new things all of the time. I am by no means an expert, but I appreciate that this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish topic will give me the opportunity to share what I have learned over the years, and maybe you will find this helpful!

1. Blogging Should Be Fun

I have said this so many times, but my number one advice is always to blog for as long as you love it. For most people, book blogging is a hobby, but I know that it can often feel like a lot of work for little return. If blogging feels more like work to you than fun, don’t force it! Take the time to reevaluate and figure out how to make blogging work for you. I have seen so many amazing bloggers come and go since I started blogging and it makes me sad, but I completely understand it! You never have to apologize for taking breaks or stepping away from blogging. Your mental health and happiness take priority!

2. Read What You Love

Something that took me a while to realize is that you don’t have to read what is popular. Read what every you feel like reading, whether that is the most obscure SciFi or popular YA fantasy. You will find your audience and your passion for what you are reading will shine through! I used to be caught up in thinking I had to read certain books to drive traffic to my blog, but I have learned that is not the case. Your readers will stick around because they are interested in your unique perspective on whatever it is you are reading.

3. You Don’t Have to Write Individual Book Reviews

If you hate writing reviews, don’t write them! There are so many other ways to take about books, from lists to memes like WWW Wednesday or Top Ten Tuesday to wrap-ups. Don’t force yourself to write reviews just because you feel like that is what bloggers do! I don’t write as many individual reviews as I used to.

4. Interact with Other Members of the Book Community

The community is my favourite part of blogging! I love reading other bloggers’ posts and getting their opinions on books and reading in general. When you start blogging it can often feel like you are speaking into a void, so following and befriending other book bloggers will help you to feel more connected to the community.

35 thoughts on “Blogmas (Day 3) | Tips for New Book Bloggers

  1. As an author, I appreciate any opportunity to reach new readers. Interacting with book bloggers and other authors is a great way to make new connections. I occasionally write reviews, but more often I’m doing cross-promotions with authors to help increase my, and their, readership.
    I have been doing interviews with various authors that I post on my Free Book Friday.
    I also wrote a blog post about book blogs (and a poem to boot).

  2. These are such amazing tips! Especially the first one since I think a lot of us eventually forget that blogging is supposed to fun and not something your stress over and mini reviews are a life saver!!!

  3. Great tips. Even though I was a book blogger before, I stopped for a long while because I was dealing with miscarriage and getting pregnant again. Now I’m 34weeks pregnant I decided to come back and start a fresh.
    It’s so hard to grow another blog but I’m just doing it for fun this time!

  4. Read what you love is great advice – I never seem to be reading the same hyped books as everyone else, but that’s ok! I like introducing readers to books they might not have heard of.

  5. I find the tip about not needing to write individual reviews so truthful. I often feel so stressed about articulating my thoughts about a book and explaining my reasons about why I liked/disliked it. And I also notice how individual book reviews don’t perform as well as the rest of my posts which just de-motivates me further. Lately I have shifted to doing book tags and recommendations more and genuinely enjoy it!

  6. As a new blogger I have found it super overwhelming writing book reviews so I have a few prewritten that are scheduled but I won’t be writing tons… I love this advice!

  7. I take this advice as an author. We live in a society where people scrub each others shoulders. There’s love in reading other people’s works and appreciating their styles, and their is more joy when it becomes occasional and a great source of knowledge to us. Thanks for posting this.

  8. WOW! I loved this post. Awsome tips. I can relate to many of the tips here especially the last one. Interacting with other bloggers in this community is really great and fun!! Wonderful post!!

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