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I found this tag on Meggy’s blog, Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles. It is no surprise that I have fallen in love with audiobooks in the last year and I was thrilled to find a tag that gives me an excuse to gush about them!



I am relatively new to audiobooks having listened to my first one in February of last year. My first audiobook was The Dinner by Herman Koch, and while I did not love the actually story, I thought that the narrator was brilliant and it opened my eyes (or eyes, rather) to a whole new way of reading. It was an absolutely gamechanger. The next audiobook I listened to was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- after that I was hooked!


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Surprising no one- hands down my favourite audiobook is Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This is a story that it meant to be told in the audio format. It is written like an interview and listening to it makes you feel like you are listening to a documentary about a real-life band. It is incredible!


My least favourite thing about audiobooks is a bit difficult to explain. I know that I am not alone in that certain genres/books work better for me on audio than others. I think there are certain cases where listening to the audiobook might have actually hindered my enjoyment of the novel and I would have connected better to the story had I read the physical copy. This might make for an interesting discussion post in the future!


In many cases, I feel as though the audiobook can bring the story to life in a way that is different than reading a physical copy of the book. A good example of this would be mystery/thrillers. An audiobook can add to the suspense and tension of a story in a way that reading a physical copy just can’t. Both formats are awesome, but just different.


I listen whenever I get the chance- usually in the mornings while getting ready and in the evenings when cooking/cleaning. Audiobooks have made doing mundane chores much more interesting!


I, like many others, much prefer to listen to mysteries/thrillers than to read them physically. There is something about that genre that lends itself perfectly to audiobooks. I also love nonfiction on audio. The nonfiction novels I read these days are pretty much exclusively on audio. As a result, I am reading nonfiction more then ever before!


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If I could only recommend one audiobook narrator it would be Bahni Turpin. She is hands down my favourite narrator and she has narrated some of my favourite novels, including The Hate U Give and The Underground Railroad.

I have had a post about my favourite narrators sitting in my draft for months now- I really should get to writing that!


What do you think about audiobooks? Do you have any favourites?


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  1. I love audiobooks! I basically listen to any genre on audio, but for fantasy it really depends on the story, since some books can be really difficult on audio!


      1. The last magician! That is one of my most recent faves! Seafire and these rebel waves are also really good!

  2. I just jumped on the audiobook train a couple of years ago and now I’m hooked. I love listening to them while I’m working or driving. I totally agree with Daisy Jones & The Six as well. It was perfect as an audiobook! I might have to do this tag now, haha.

  3. I love audiobooks, especially since I spend a lot of time in my car on a daily basis. I am currently listening to Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson and it is narrated by Bahni Turpin. She is fantastic! I knew I knew the voice so I had to look her up and she has read for so many great books!

  4. What a fun tag! I might just have to do it. I love audiobooks there great to listen to in the mornings when I’m getting ready or doing chores. Sometimes I enjoy a book more because of the audiobook,but it really all depends on the story some seem to work better in the format whereas others I prefer to physically read.

  5. I really need to try and listen to an audiobook sometime, I’m just always wary about them for some reason /: my library has a lot available through an app so I have plenty of choice. When I was ill earlier this year and couldn’t read I kept thinking about trying it out but changing my mind. I really will have to test them out sometime though.

      1. It does sound like a good one to go for thanks to it’s format (: I’ll have to have a look next time I’m on my Kindle (that’s where I have the app)

  6. I’ve only recently discovered the magic of audiobooks. Before, I had a hard time believing that a book could be enjoyed without having the physical copy in hand. But if you find the right narrator and the perfect genre of book that fits you, then it can go over quite well. I, like you, enjoy listening to thrillers and mysteries on audiobook. The ones I find are often made with musical cues, which liven up the experience. I also enjoy listening to contemporaries and nonfiction books because I don’t usually enjoy reading them, so listening to them is a great alternative. And the audiobook versions I’ve listened too always have narrators that really know how to inject so much emotion into their voices! Lovely tag and answers 😀

      1. I have yet to come across a full cast audiobook! It sounds amazing. Someone mentioned Aurora Rising had one, so might check that out 😀 I’d be down to listen to any audiobook with more than one narrator haha

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  8. I’m trying to listen to audiobooks more. I’ve listened to about 5 so far. I’m trying to listen to shorter ones so I can finish them during a work shift and build up my paying attention skills lol. I normally get distracted from it so easily. I’ve mostly been listening to nonfiction.

  9. I love that sometimes it’s so much easier to plug your earphones in and just put on a book instead of physically reading it even down to listening to it in the shower etc.
    However my love/hate thing for them in definitely the narrator there’s been certain books I’ve “sample listened” to and although I reckon the book itself would be good, I just didn’t like the voice and that definitely puts me off certain ones.

      1. Most definitely! I think if it’s fiction then it’s easier to deal with because it’s just the telling of a story, whereas if it’s non-fiction & even remotely factual they don’t tend to register properly in my brain because I’m not keen on the narrator haha!

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