Five “Unputdownable” Reads

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This week’s topic lead to an interesting discovery about my reading life. That is that I do not read a lot of “unputdownable” books. The books that I love are usually very descriptive and quiet and takes some time to get through. That said, every once in awhile I pick up a book that completely takes over and that I can not put down.

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid


I read, or rather listened to, this book in one day! This is one of those books that lends itself perfectly to audiobook. You will find yourself listening to it any free chance that you get. Because the story is told through a series of interviews, it is very fast-paced and it feels like you are reading about a real band. It was such a unique reading experience- one I will likely never have again!

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


It was the chemistry and banter between the two main characters that really propelled the story along for me. There is nothing quite like the enemies to lovers trope to get me hooked on a story. I needed to see their happily ever after, so, once I picked it up, I never put it down until I was finished. Also, it was just announced that it is being made it to a movie–all the more reason to pick it up!

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand


I am not typically a horror reader, but every once in awhile there is one that gets a lot of buzz and grabs my attention. That was the case for Sawkill Girls. It was such a feminist horror story and I loved every single weird second of it. The story hooks you right from jump and you have to keep reading to see what is going on!

You by Caroline Kepnes


I have a feeling that You will be on a lot of lists today. Because it is told in the second person, it really gets inside of your head. Let me tell you, it is a weird head space to be in and I wanted to get through it as soon as possible! This book is so creepy while also being compulsively readable!

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou


It is not often that I find a nonfiction book that I can not put down. Normally I find myself taking my time with them, especially if it is not a memoir. Bad Blood is the exception. It is such a wild story that you can almost not believe that it is real. Carreyrou is a journalist so he knows how to captivate an audience.


What was the one book that you just could not put down? What makes a book unputdownable for you? I would love to know!


53 thoughts on “Five “Unputdownable” Reads

  1. Having children makes books a necessity to put down unfortunately whether I want to or not- BUT there have been occasions where I have stayed up to read and got so involved that I’ve looked up 4/5ths way into the book and realised it’s 2 in the morning- last one I did that with was Rose Interrupted by Patrice Lawrence (out in July)

  2. I’ve just read Kingsbane by Claire Legrand. A bit darker than my usual taste but certainly gripping and an exceptional fantasy world. I loved the premise too, with two people in the same role at different times.

    Thanks for a great list. 🙂

  3. I just realized I don’t read a lot of unputdownable books either! But I definitley had a similar experience with both Daisy Jones and Sawkill Girls, they were both such compelling reads.

  4. Ahh… I have heard so many good things about Daisy Jones and I really want to read it but my library doesn’t have the audio book so I don’t know if I just physically read it or find a way to get the audio book. I am excited to get to it either way though!!
    And I brought my sister the hating game as I had heard it was good and she really enjoyed it.
    A book that I couldn’t put down was The King’s Men– the last one of the all for the game series. And I couldn’t put down Evelyn Hugo– I stayed up way too late to finish that one, oops 😂
    Great list!! 💛

      1. Scribd does sound really good and I want to get in the future. I didn’t realise Daisy Jones was on there– I will definitely look into it more now, thank you 😊 haha the free trial thing might be tempting 😂😂
        Yes it was a really good book!! 😊

  5. Great list! I’ve read (and enjoyed!) all of these except Bad Blood, which I’m hoping to pick up with some other nonfiction titles this summer. I’m very intrigued about it now, knowing it was unputdownable for you!

  6. Bad Blood was unputdownable. I had to remind myself what I was reading was true because I kept thinking okay, this chick is going to get hers soon right? Great read!

  7. I totally agree with Daisy Jones and the six! I think I listened to the whole book in one day!


  8. I’ve heard some really great reviews of Daisy Jones and The Six, I probably should add that to my To Be Read List. My ‘unputdownable’ book would have to be red Queen. I couldn’t put it down, and ripped through the book pretty fast! So sad when it’s over so quick!

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