February Non-Bookish Favourites

Non-BookishFavourites of 2017 (1)

I have decided to start doing monthly non-bookish favourites. I think it is fun to talk about things other than books on this blog every once in awhile, and I figured this was a great way to do it! I will talk about all of the movies, TV shows, music, food, etc I loved during the month.

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The Wife

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I was not sure what to expecting going in to The Wife, but I ended up thinking that it was quite fascinating.  I hadn’t realized that there was a literary elements to the story, and that it revolves a writer who has one the Nobel Prize for Literature.  I completely understand why Glenn Close was nominated for an Oscar.  I just wish that I had read the book first!

Spider-Man: Homegoing

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I have never been a huge Spider-Man fan, but I had seen all of the other Marvel movies and my friend insisted that I would like this movie.  So we sat down and watch it, and surprise, surprise… I loved it! Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man and I loved his interpretation of the character. This was fun and more light-hearted than I expected.  Pure joy to watch!

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Jack Ryan

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This show! I have never seen a Jack Ryan movie, and I have to admit that I only starting watching the TV show because I absolutely adore John Krasinski.  I am so glad that I decided to try it because it was epic.  It is a show that really makes you think and there were some eye-opening moments for me.  And of course, Krasinski was fantastic and adorable.  Can not wait for season two!

House, M.D.

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House is a show that my brother and I always watched together and absolutely loved.  I saw that it was on Amazon Prime so figured I would watch a few episodes.  I am hooked once again and am slowly watching the whole series.  House and Wilson might just have my favourite friendship on television!

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Delicate by Damien Rice

Delicate is a song that I loved when I was in university but forgot about over the years.  It actually was in an episode of house and reminded me what a beautiful song it is.  I have been listening to it nonstop since.

All We Do by Oh Wonder

All We Do is the intro song for the TV show Unforgotten, which you should definitely watch.  It is a very powerful song and it stays with you.

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Blossoming Rose Tea Latte from Starbucks

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This latte is beautiful balanced; it is fragrant and fresh, without being overly floral.  Absolutely delicious and one of the best hot drinks that I have had in a long time.  I have a feeling it was around just for the month of February, which makes me very sad.

Too Faced Peach Melting Powder Bronzer

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The formula over this bronzer is unique- it goes on like a cream but turns in to a powder.  The tone is very natural on me, and it blends beautifully.  Also, it is on sale at Sephora for only $12!

Giant Peanut Butter Cup

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I made this for my friend’s birthday and it was a huge hit.  It is a great alternative for someone who does not enjoy cake.  People were very impressed, and it was incredibly easy to make. I highly recommend giving this recipes a try if you are a peanut butter fan!


43 thoughts on “February Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. I really love this post. I’ve been playing with this idea in my head but haven’t had the guts to do it because I figured it isn’t what my blog is about but you may have given me some guts!

    Also bring on all the Marvel for End Game!!!

  2. That is a very good point! Oh yes all the countdowns are on. It is times like these I wish I did podcasts or something so like we could do something on it together. That is hard to do in a blog format. I think we should definitely both post immediate non spoiler reaction posts to end game to our blogs though!!! #emotionalflailing

      1. I just realized you just said you saw it. Apparently I realized you said you saw it. I think Marvel has set my expectations too high or I’m on end game overload. I loved Goose and Fury. Other than that I was kinda meh. I mean for obvious reasons I’m glad I saw it because of the End Game connections and I did like Brie Lawson as Captain Marvel. I think she’ll be great in End Game. It was the plot that just fell flat for me. But I am glad you enjoyed it. I dont think I should see anymore movies until I see End Game and get the built up emotional freakout, out of my system. Lol

      2. I think I was just so happy to finally see a female superhero and that it wasn’t all about how hot she is. The plot was pretty safe and there wasn’t a lot of tension, but I enjoyed the nostalgic feeling it had. Though I was thinking about End Game pretty much the whole time. The after the credit scene gave me chills!

  3. I can’t wait for the new Spider-Man movie!! I really like the new cast — I feel as though he not only does a great job as Peter/Spider-Man, but he’s actually the proper age.

    Oh my goodness … chocolate and peanut butter … the best. I haven’t tried that Starbucks drink yet … maybe I’ll give it a go!

    I want to watch the Jack Ryan show so bad! But I want to read the books first because if I watch the show first … I know I won’t read the books.

    Too Faced is a brand I’ve been looking at — I think some of their stuff is cruelty free (to each there own! I just try to get cruelty free). My one girlfriend swears by their products!

    Love this post!

    1. Yes! Spider-Man is perfect casting.

      I think you will enjoy the drink and the peanut butter cup. They might even be good together!

      I feel you on the book thing. I won’t read them now that I have seen it.

      Too Faced is cruelty free, but they were bought my Estee Lauder which is not. It is a grey area. None of the Too Faced products are testing on animals, but you are still supporting a company that does. It is something I battle with as well!

      1. Oooooo … now there’s an idea! Combo treat!

        Ugh … the struggle! I’ve been trying to get better at my research in that regard, but there are SO many grey areas. I just got into that issue with “Tarte” since I use a lot of their eyeshadows and mascara but I think they were bought out by a company that isn’t cruelty free. I think I’m going to go back to Anastasia, since I’m fairly certain they haven’t been bought out and I know they’re cruelty free.

        Decisions, decisions … Thanks for the info though!

  4. Omg, I loooooove House. I was so sad when the show finally ended. My ex husband and I watched this one obsessively. It’s probably the only medical show I’ve ever actually gotten into.

  5. I LOVE House MD. Was obsessed with the show years ago and maybe a little with Hugh Laurie LOL. I want to see The Wife. I have seen the book floating around for a while and didn’t realize the movie was an adaptation of the book until I watched the Golden Globes lol

  6. Great post! I am glad you liked The Wife. I thought it was a great movie and Glenn Close gave a nuanced and worthy of an Oscar performance. Delicate by Damien Rice sounds wonderful, too. Cannonball and The Blower’s Daughter remain my favourite songs of his.

    1. Thank you! Nuanced is the perfect word to describe her performance. I was surprised she didn’t wine the Oscar but I adore Olivia Colman so I was happy.

      Damien Rice has such a special sound. All his songs make me emotional.

  7. I agree about the female superhero. I felt that way watching wonderwoman too. The 90s nostalgia had me until they played nirvana. I never got on that bandwagon. I always said the best thing to come out of nirvana was the foo fighters 😉 Yes!!! Everytime anything End Game happened (even the teaser we had all already seen) I smacked my friend in the arm and started sniffling. I think I yelled TESSERACT a little too loud then looked at him and said we are NOT seeing End Game in THIS theater. They have NO appreciation. Lol

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