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Melanie @ Mel to the Any shared her favourite video games, and I absolutely loved it! I have decided to share some of my favourites as well, even though Mel and I have a lot of the same faves! Most of these are games that I played growing up and continue to love.

The Sims

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It is rare that I make time for video games these days but when I do I will most likely play The Sims. I have been playing since the original game came out and it always brings me so much joy and nostalgia. My friends and I loved it! One of my favourite things to do these days is download custom content. It is like shopping but it is free! I love The Sims so much that I even did the Sims book tag.

Grand Theft Auto

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My brother and I were probably a little too young to be playing Grand Theft Auto but we absolutely loved it! I would drive around obeying all the rules of the road and he would drive around running over ever person that he saw! We shared so many laughs playing together! I never played the story mode of the old games but I did for Grand Theft Auto 5 and it was amazing. It is one of my favourite games of all time!

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty is a game that my brother and I would always play but I think I enjoyed them more than him. It is a game that I will sometimes turn on a play on my own. I always preferred Modern Warfare over Black Ops. My brother did love was Nazi Zombies! We played that ALL THE TIME!


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I have beat all of the Halo games, some with my brother and some on my own. I think it was the first game that I ever played online and it was so damn fun!

Crash Bandicoot

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Crash Bandicoot was everything when I was younger! My friends and I were constantly playing this game. It is actually kind of ridiculous how many hours we spent playing Crash Bash. Those mini games made us very competitive!

Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing is another game that I played with both my friends and my brother. It is funny how much I love this game because it there really is not a lot to do. I always found it to be very relaxing. I would plant flowers all over our town and then I would turn the game back on and my brother would have run over all of the flowers and dug holes everywhere. We still laugh about it to this day! I have the app which is fun but not the same!

Team Fortress 2

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I randomly stumbled upon Team Fortress 2 one day and I have loved it ever since. Whenever I need to kill some time I will play it. I love it because it is online and you do not need to spend money to be good at it. Everyone is on an even playing field! The community made servers are definitely my favourites. I love class warfare!


There are so many more games that I could talk about, like Runescape and The Last of Us, but Team Fortress 2 is calling my names! Maybe I will make a part 2 in the future! I would love to know what your favourite video games are!


22 thoughts on “My Favourite Video Games

  1. I love this list so much. I did a list after seeing Melanie’s post as well and it was so much fun to write. The Sims was on my top list as well because the Sims = <3 <3 <3 I recently bought the Sims 4 but am not loving it as much as the older games at all.

    I was also the exact same as you when I played GTA as a, probably far too, young player :') I used to love doing the taxi missions and driving on the correct side of the road, stopping at all of the red light :')

    also SO much yes to animal crossing & Crash Bandicoot

  2. I used to play The Sims and Animal Crossing on my PC and Nintendo. I haven’t played any of these for a long time but I know that when I come back to them, I’ll enjoy them again. 🙂 I think I like these strategy games when you have to look after something. 🙂
    I also quite liked Wii’s Mario Kart and Rayman Raving Rabbids. 🙂
    Not sure what happened but I haven’t played any of these in years….

  3. One of my favorites is Super Mario Bros. on the original NES System, the cartridge came with Duck Hunt. I have Super Mario Bros. on my WII. Some more of my favorites are Yoshi’s Story, Paper Mario and Super Mario 64, I have those on my WII as well.

  4. I love this so much! Thank you so much for linking me, you are the confirmed sweetest! And we like SO MANY of the same games. Like… I wanted to put Crash on my list SO BADLY, but I just couldn’t fit it, but… my heart. Also, just when I think I can’t possibly love you anymore? You go and make this post! Hahaha! Happy reading and gaming, love! 💖xx

  5. I love The Sims and would play it all the time if allowed. I miss the original sims though. It was easier to do things. GTA is cool too though I haven’t played it much. I too played it when I was too young but I did it kind of the same way you and your brother did lol. I knew it was not appropriate but all I wanted to do was just drive around. I used to watch YouTubers play it all the time. Have never played the others but they’re all classic games. Great list!

  6. This post is awesome! The Sims is life. I usually relate my life to the sims haha.
    You played GTA like the me and my brother played a game called Mustang Racing. I used to want to try and drive properly hahaha! I didn’t know anyone else did things like that 😝

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