Favourite Posts of the Month #4

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This is the fourth instalment of my monthly meme! It is very easy to participate. All you have to do is share all of your favourite blog posts of the month! I think this is a great way to spread the love and also discover new bloggers!

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall talks about writing negative reviews. This has been a heated topic on twitter lately and I think she makes some thoughtful and educated points. There is also some great points made in the comments section, so I think that is worth reading as well!

Balie @ Nerd in New York also talks about negative reviews! She shines a light on why it can be scary to write them, and provides a few helpful tips about how to go about it. I love that she gave some Do’s and Don’ts! Definitely a blog post worth reading!

Nia @ Shades of Paper shares some swoon-worthy book recommendations! She gave her thoughts about why she loved each couple and it was just so much to read! I definitely added a lot of books to my TBR!

Aurora @ Aurora Librialis shares the movies that she wishes were based on books! I thought that this was such a clever idea for a post and it was fun to read! All of the movies she talked about really would make for good books and now I wish that they were!

Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat shares her favourite f/f couples! I loved February because so many people were talking about couples that they love! Caro’s post solidified the fact that I need to read Queen of Geeks ASAP!

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner gives tips about how to be a minimalist bookworm! Her tips are very helpful and really got me thinking about the number of books that I own. You might just see a book unhaul posted here in the near future! She also shared a shelfie that I just loved! She keeps her books in a cabinet in her kitchen!


Taylor @ Taylor is Reading talks about why she adores Hermoine! Of course I loved this post because I adore Hermoine too (duh!) I loved all of the reasons that she gave- especially the fact that she punches Draco in the face. That is my favourite scene!

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Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat



I hope that you enjoyed these posts! I would love to know what your favourite blog posts of the month were. If you are participating in this meme do not forget to ping me so I can add a link to this post!


35 thoughts on “Favourite Posts of the Month #4

  1. Hello Kristin! Thank you for featuring my blog in your post, and for sharing links to other posts you enjoyed this month <3 Wishing you a happy March πŸ™‚

  2. I love this idea. I’m new to blogging and enjoy discovering new blogs. I will check out those posts for sure, thank you! ❀️

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me!! I’m so happy you liked my recommendations (they take much time, but I LOVE writing them!).
    This is such a cook idea and amazing to discover new blogs. I’ll definitely be checking some outπŸ’•.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my post! That’s so kind of you πŸ’• This is such a lovely meme, I’ll definitley take part next month. I love sharing the blogger love!

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