Non Bookish Things I Loved in 2017

Non-BookishFavourites of 2017

It is not often that I talked about something other than books on this blog, so I thought it might be fun to share other things that I loved in 2017!


2017 was the year that I discovered my love for podcasts. Admittedly, the majority of what I listen to are bookish podcasts but there are a few non bookish gems that I want to talk about!


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The catchphrase for this podcast really says it all- “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” This is a more recent discovery but I have listened to so many episodes now! Each episode centers on food but they are all so original. My favourite episode aired on the release day of star Wars: The Last Jedi. Dan Pashman, the host, and his guest talk about their favourite food moments in Star Wars and he has a woman on the show who has made a career out of making Star Wars inspired food! If you have any interest in food at all then I think you are going to like this podcast!

Casefile: True Crime

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I found this podcast after listening to Serial because I was on the hunt for something similar. I dare say that I might actually prefer Casefile! I do not know why I have a fascination with true crime, but I know that I am not the only one. There are a lot of gripping, puzzling and horrifying episodes, but the one that stands out to me is Case 18: The North Hollywood Shootout. The way the story is told makes you feel like you were there.  My heart was racing!

*I am pretty new to podcast so I would love to hear all of your recommendations!


La la Land

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I saw this movie with a large group of people and there were very mixed opinions on it.  I know that this movie is not for everyone, but it was definitely for me! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are two of my favourite actors, and I love watching their chemistry.  La La Land was so charming, the music was catchy, and I have watched in several times since it came out! I even own the pop figures for it, and they are so adorable!

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Wonder Woman

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I can confidently say that Wonder Woman is now my favourite superhero movie! Gal Gadot was incredible, Chris Pine was adorable, and I loved the female empowerment.  It was awesome to learn more about her character and to see her try to navigate the real world.


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This is one of those movies that does not have a lot of dialogue, and it doesn’t need it.  I knew nothing about Dunkirk going in so I learned quite a bit.  This movie ended up being a lot more moving than I was expecting. If you are skeptical about Harry Styles acting (like I was) let me tell you that there is no need to be! I thought he was quite good!



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I was browsing Netflix, looking for anew show to watch, and stumbled upon Broadchurch. It is one of the best crime dramas that I have watched. A young boy is murdered in a small town, and the show focuses on the impact that this has on everyone in the town.  It stars David Tennant, who was the tenth doctor, and Olivia Colman, who will be playing Queen Elizabeth II in the future seasons of The Crown.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

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I am constantly looking for shows that are similar to The Great British Bake Off, so when I found The Big Family Cooking Showdown on Netflix I was thrilled! It is a competition show, where families get to show off their family recipes.  It is really fun and charming! It is definitely a similar vibe to The Great British Bake Off.



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I was never a huge Kesha fan until I heard her newest album- Rainbow. The entire album is excellent, and full of female empowerment.  My favourite songs are Praying and Woman.  She is such a bad ass and I am so impressed with the way she overcame what happened to her.

Goo Goo Dolls

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This summer I came across my old ipod from high school.  Of course I had to plug it in and reminisce on all of the music that I used to listen to.  There were quite a few embarrassing songs on there (Jesse McCarthy anyone?) but I did rediscover some old favourites.  I used to be obsessed with the Goo Goo Dolls and that is where I am at again.  I adore every single one of their songs! If I had to chose one favourite it would have to be Sympathy.


Lasagna Roll Ups

Lasagna Roll Ups | Cooking Classy

This has been my go to recipe the last few months.  They are relatively easy to make, extremely customizable, and always a big hit!

Stuffed Mushroom Casserole

I love a good recipe shortcut, and this delicious Stuffed Mushroom Casserole transforms my family's favorite appetizer into a super easy casserole!

If you are a fan mushroom caps than you are going to love this recipe! It is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Easily one of my favourite recipes!


That is it! Please let me know if you found this at all interesting because I was thinking about sharing posts like this more often in 2018.  I have so much more that I could have shared but I did not want to make this post too long!

I would love to know what your favourite non bookish things were in 2017!


45 thoughts on “Non Bookish Things I Loved in 2017

  1. I absolutely with you on the films!

    I loved La La Land when I seen it at the cinema (got the DVD for Christmas!) and Wonder Woman and Dunkirk featured in my Top 3 films of 2017. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you love Broadchurch- the first series is the best, and the next 2 series are still decent.

  2. this is such a great post! i love hearing about people’s favorite things – especially outside of books!!

  3. Could you share the lasagna roll up recipe please? I know my two teenagers would love them!

  4. I loved La La Land, but I didn’t realise there were pops for it! They’re so cute! I’m jealous of people who can listen to podcasts – I’ve tried, but the only time I can listen to them is when I’m walking. If I need to concentrate on something else then I don’t take anything in.

    This is a great idea for a post btw!

  5. I started getting into podcasts too this year. The only one I really listen to is Anna Faris’s podcast, which is really good, but I really need to find some other ones! I’ll have to check out those two, I think I’ve heard of the True Crime one!

  6. 1. I am totally gonna start listening to The Sporkful. 2. Wonder Woman is one of the best things to come out of 2017. 3. Kesha is queen πŸ‘‘

  7. Oooh girl, if you’re looking for more podcasts, you have GOT to check out audio dramas! My favorites are The Bright Sessions, RABBITS, and EOS 10. But just search #AudioDramaSundays on Twitter and you’ll find dozens more!

  8. Love this post! I agree completely about ‘Wonder Woman’. Definitely my favourite film of 2017.

  9. Hi Kristen! Love that you shared some of your non bookish favourites in this post πŸ™‚
    I loved La La Land as well and i had the soundtrack on loop for the longest time haha! It was such a sweet and heartwarming movie although the ending was bittersweet. I also loved Wonder Woman πŸ™‚
    Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

  10. I TOTALLY agree with all of your movie choices. The only one I haven’t seen this year is Dunkirk. I ADORE Christopher Nolan’s work, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I really hope to do that sometime in the near future. Inception was my favorite movie and I’m hoping that this could be a possible contender to top it! Good post. 2017 was great, let’s make 2018 even greater!

  11. Hi Kristen! I LOVE that you shared your non bookish favorites in this post!! I LOVED these movies too and look forward to more in 2018. I need to check out Broadchurch! I’ve seen it floating around netflix but haven’t taken the leap yet…

  12. I’ve been meaning to get into podcasts but I haven’t had the time to check some of them out yet! And there’s also SO MANY of them that I don’t know where to start or which platform to use to listen to them!

    I watched La La Land a few days ago and I loved it even more than the first time around! I have a much deeper appreciation for the songs and the character dynamics! And oh my gosh!!!!!! I didn’t know that La La Land Funko dolls existedβ€”I will HAVE to get my hands on them!!!!!!

    And Dunkirk was one of my favourite movies of 2017 and I think Harry Styles did a brilliant job in this! I got my dad the DVD so he can appreciate the greatness that is this movie!

    1. There are so many podcast! I am just getting in to it myself and it is overwhelming.

      Right? Are the pop figures adorable? I didn’t know about them until a friend gave them to me for Christmas!

      Dunkirk is so fantastic! Harry Styles was actually great. I hope to see him in more roles in the future.

  13. Oh this is such a great post, Kristin, I love getting to know other people’s favorites besides books πŸ™‚ These lasagna seems amazing, it makes me so hungry now, haha. I haven’t seen La La Land just yet, I feel like I am the only one left haha. I will watch it someday, you are making me impatient to πŸ˜€

  14. OMG! I just started listening to Serial today and am so hooked.
    I’ve always heard peeps talking about it, but I was like eh, whatever. Now I know it’s great.

  15. I just started getting into podcasts in the last year too! Case File remains my strong fave as well. Another good one is Sword and Scale – kind of similar with a single story in each ep. I also loved S-town and Up and Vanished. For something a bit different to all the grisly true crime stories, I listen to Ear Hustle, made by inmates in a jail about their stories.
    I could go on and on πŸ˜† hope you like one or two of these.

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