My Ultimate Fall TBR

In my last post, I created a guide to help you create the ultimate fall TBR! Now I want to take those categories that I came up with to create a TBR for myself! I obviously won’t get to all of these books, but they are the ones I will be choosing from throughout the season.

I am a sucker for a witchy romcom and read them all year long, but I had to put one of my fall TBR! I have a physical copy of Hex Appeal but my friend warned me that the story is okay but it is worth reading for the magical house so I am going to go into it with that mindset.

I love a good historical witch story and I have had a copy of A Witch in Time on my shelves for ages now and I have been recommended it so amny times that I just need to pick it up at this point. It is a romance between a witch who has been cursed to relive the same trouble love affair through all of her life times and the demon who is in charge of maintaining her curse. How good does that sound!?

There is a very specific reason I want to read The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic which you will soon learn in the “vampire” section, but this does sounds really cute! It does have one of my favourite tropes where the main character is a witch who can’t control her magic! I just love that!

I have Bad Witch Burning on audio and I have been curious about it for so long I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read it! I have actually heard that this is quite sad and surprisingly scary but I am ready for it.

I am reading Slewfoot for a book club that I am guest co-hosting for in October! I am so excited about this because I have been curious about this book and I know so many people adore it. I think I will join them because it sounds like everything I love and I did need a creepier witchy book for this TBR.

I have the audiobook for Vampires of El Norte and I know I will be getting to it soon since it is calling to me. Much like with witchy stories, I appreciate a good historical vampire story. I saw some people went into it expecting a horror and were disappointed, so I am hoping for something more Gothic and light on the horror.

My Roommate is a Vampire looks like the vampire version of a witchy romcom and I hope that this starts a new trend! I have heard mixed things about this book but I still have a feeling it is going to be the kind of thing that works for me. I expect it to be kind of silly and ridiculous like all of the witchy romcoms I adore.

I love the world that Carissa Broadbent created in the Crowns of Nyaxia series and Slaying the Vampire Conqueror is a standalone set in that world. I should probably also read The Ashes and The Star-Cursed King while we are at it!

Now you understand why The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic is on my TBR! I saw the title for How to Fake-Date a Vampire and knew I needed to read it but I wanted to read book one first! This looks like another vampire romcom and I am here for it.

I am participating in a 10 day monster theme readathon in October and I am still putting together my TBR but these are four books I have my eye on.

Sweet Vengeance is under 200 pages and something I love is a good demon romance! I also love that the demon in this case is attracted to the main character’s vengeful side. I expect it to be super spicy!

Green-Eyed Monster is 45 pages, which makes it perfect for a readathon. It is also a short story that starts off a series I have been dying to read and have heard so many amazing things about. My hope is that I will get hooked and just continue on with this series for the readathon.

I am always on the lookout for anything that reminds me of the Mead Mishap series and Muscles and Monsters looks perfect!

Monstrous is the second book from Jessica Lewis on my list, but I have a feeling she writes the kind of YA horror that will work for me!

When the Crow’s Away is the sequel to In the Company of Witches, which is a cozy mystery/fantasy that I really loved and had some more hard hitting themes, especially around grief, than your traditional cozy. I have a feeling this book will be a little more lighthearted and we will get a romance! There are only two books out now but I love the characters and I hope another book will be announced soon.

The cover of A Coup of Tea screams cozy fantasy to me and you just know I am going to love every minute of sitting under a blanket with a cup of tea while reading this. It follows a princess who is exiled and opens a tea shop. Sounds cute!

A Second Story is a mm romance that is set by the seaside so is probably more appropriate for summer but I am in the book for it now, especially since there is a bookstore cat! It also doesn’t hurt that the sequel, which is a sapphic romance, comes out in October.

The Plot is Murder is one of the buddy reads for Blackoween and that was my first time hearing about it! There are already nine books in the series and it follows the owner of a bookstore that carries mystery novels. Fun!

From what I can tell, Shady Hollow is more of cozy mystery where the characters just happen to be woodland creatures! There is something so fall about that concept and there are three books out now with the fourth one coming out in November.

House of Salt and Sorrows will be a reread for me as it was chosen as the October book for The Book Check Out Book Club! I am thrilled to have the chance to reread this since I just read the sequel and loved it and it made me want to pick up the first book again so I can compare them.

I love the idea of a spite house, so I have been meaning to read The Spite House since it came out. I have heard there are strong themes of grief in this book, which I have noticed is common in haunted house stories and is something I am drawn to.

I have an ALC of A Haunting on the Hill, which comes out on October 3rd. Apparently it is the first authorized novel to return to the world of The Haunted of Hill House, which is just too cool!

I saw Haunting Charlie recommended on Instagram and I knew I had to read it! Not only is it a haunted house story it is also a witchy story and it has the trope where it follows a witch who can see the dead, which is something I like to read about.

My friend Sarah brought A Theory of Haunting to my attention. It is 150 pages and is from the author who wrote The Goblin Emperor, which is a book that has been recommended to me many times. I love that this is a little bit different because it is actually a haunted museum!

Mira Grant is my go-to author for SciFi horror but I have read most of her novellas at this point so I think it is about time I read Feed. It is a book I have heard about for years but never really considered reading because I am not the biggest lover of zombies, but now that I am a Mira Grant fan it is one I desperately want to try!

Another book by Caitlin Starling is always recommended to me when I take about SciFi horror, but it is underwater horror and one I want to save for a specific video in the future. That is why I was so happy to find that she has a new SciFi horror called Last to Leave the Room coming out on October 10th.

I have the audiobook of The Wishing Pool and I was excited to find that some of the stories in this collections are SciFi horror! This will be my first time reading anything from Tananarive Due and I am excited about it.

I have said this time and time again, but I love a good YA slasher! You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight takes place at a summer camp, so maybe not the best book for fall, but I meant to read it this summer and just didn’t get to it!

I bought My Heart is a Chainsaw the day it came out and I have yet to read it. Stephen Graham Jones wrote one of my favourite slasher novels, so I really have no excuse. Everyone saws that this is a nod to classic slasher movies!

I feel like I have to scare myself in October and really the only way to do that is with a book about clowns. Just looking at the cover of The Cotton Candy Massacre gives me chills. It is perfect!

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  1. I have an ARC of Monstrous I’m making my way toward. You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight was a fun one for me – reminded me of the 80s slasher movies. Happy Reading!

  2. Wow! This is quite the compilation of books for autumn. I hope you really enjoy them! I’m about to start Curious Tides tonight and I have high hopes for it. I’ve seen pretty good things about it so far so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll enjoy it!

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