July Wrap Up

July was such a great reading month for me! I read 16 books in July from a mix of genres and my average rating was 4.07. I managed to read two of my most anticipated releases of the year! I decided to vlog my wrap up this month, so check out that video if you are interested. Otherwise, I am going to rank the books in order from my least favourite working up to my favourite in this post/

I buddy read Murder at Spindle Manor with friends because it was one of the books that were submitted to this year’s SPFBO that caught our eye. Sadly, it did not work for any of us. I can only speak for myself, but I do think there was potential here and I have other books by this author on my TBR and they seem to lean more towards cozy fantasy. I think my problem with this one is that it read so much like Agatha Christie and the way the story was told made it feel like I was reading a play. I could picture the actors on the stage! I think the idea of that will appeal to some readers, but I found it distracting. I also thought that I would like the fantasy elements but I didn’t feel like they added much. This book goes off the rails at 80% and not in a good way.

I am so sad to say that I struggled with The Atlas Six. I was so into it at first and thought I was going to adore it, but it quickly lost me. It felt tedious and I thought we were getting a competition but we certainly did not get that. Also, there was a focus on psychics and playing with time, which are themes I don’t often like in my books. I expect the characters in dark academia to be pretentious and likable, which works for me because at least they make me feel something, but I felt nothing about these characters and ultimately didn’t care what happened to them. I don’t think I will continue on with the series but I will try something else by Olivie Blake.

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop is a novella translated from Japanese and centers around a young woman who discovers not only the power of reading but also the importance of human connection. I adored part one of this book, to the point that it made me tear up, but part two kind of lost me. The first part is about Takako reconnecting with her uncle and falling in love with reading and it was beyond sweet but we lost that feeling in part two, which takes place a few years lately. That said, I still think it is worth reading if you are a reader who loves books about books. Just don’t let the cover fool you, there are no cats in this story.

If you have not read The Unhoneymooners, do not read the synopsis for The Honeymoon Crashers because even knowing who the story is about spoils a major plot point of book one. For that reason, it is difficult to talk about this book other than to say that I am sad it is audio only because I know that is not accessible for everyone and that so many people loved The Unhoneymooners that not being able to read the sequel might be disappointing. That said, the cast was great and I thought this was adorable and summery and sweet! The first Christina Lauren book I have enjoyed since I first read The Unhoneymooners.

This Delicious Death was everything I look for from this very specific niche that I happen to adore! During the summer, I am constantly looking for campy YA horror novels that are also supernatural and sapphic. That is exactly what you can expect from this book. Sure, some of the dialogue is cheesy and you really have to suspend your disbelief, but that is what I expect from books like this!

Mira Grant is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors! I read my first book by her this year and have now read four of them. I love what she is doing within the SciFi horror genre. I will say that Square Cubed is my least favourite I have read so far but that isn’t saying much because I still really enjoyed it. If you are a lover of physics and the idea of rifts, this is one I would check out.

If you are a fan of Ace of Spades and/or The Weight of Blood, I think that Their Vicious Games is a book you cannot miss! It also has a touch of Squid Games and The Bachelor. I know that sounds like a lot but it works. This is definitely satirical and you have to keep in mind that we are following teenagers so there is a lot of angst in the beginning. But it is all worth it and this was one of the biggest page-turners I have read this year. I cannot believe this is Joelle Wellington’s debut. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever she writes next.

I cannot believe we are almost done with our readalong of The Mate Games! I have been having a blast, but I do think Possession is my least favourite so far, which makes me sad because it is apparently Alek’s book and he is my favourite of the love interests. For a book that is supposedly about Alek, he is hardly in it and what happened to him was upsetting to me. That said, I thought the plot we got in this one was interesting and I am curious to see how all of this wraps up.

You would never come to me for poetry recommendations, but I do connect to what Trista Mateer does. I read and loved Aphrodite Made Me Do It a few years ago and was happy and surprised to see that it was actually a series, with the third collection, Persephone Made Me Do It, coming out in September. Her collections are a mix of her own thoughts and those from the Greek goddess in the title. If you have some anger and need a way to get it out, I recommend her poetry. So satisfying!

I am in awe of the range that Silvia Moreno-Garcia has! Every time I read something by her I have a completely different experience but they all have a lasting impact on me. I think it is important to know that Silver Nitrate is slow burn horror. The first half is completely set up and you can feel we are building up to something. It is a journey to get there, but I thought it was worth it. There is a storyline in here I cannot talk about for spoiler reasons that I didn’t love but overall this was a fantastic novel. I think if you love 90s horror films. you will appreciate this even more than I did!

Forget Me Not is second chance romance done right! There are so many tropes in this book that I simply adore. I love how the two timelines came together and I thought that Ama and Elliot had amazing chemistry. Give me all of the romances that feature wedding planners because I love that setup so much.

I think that Rejection is my favourite book in The Mate Games, which is surprising considering it is Kingston’s book and I was not a fan of him in book one. He grew on me in this one, but I think what I loved most was the interactions between all of the guys. There were some cringy one-liners that I just ate up!

Underwater horror has officially become my favourite horror niche, even though finding books in the genre is proving to be difficult! I thought From Below was incredible and I now need to dive deeper into Darcy Coate’s backlist. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and felt myself getting stressed out for these characters. What more can I ask for from a horror novel?

The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is my new favourite graphic novel and I am not sure anything will top it. This was the cutest thing ever and I adored it! All of the cheese references were hilarious and the romance was next-level adorable. Goodreads has me believing this is a series and I so hope that is true!

Dare I say that I loved Bookshops and Bonedust even more than Legends and Lattes? Maybe! I forgot just how much I adored Viv and it was nice to be back with her. I think this book has all of the coziness of the first but is more plot-driven and there is a mystery that has to be solved. I devoured the audiobook in one day and will have a vlog with all of my thoughts coming out soon. Just know that the end had me in tears!

Are you shocked that a T. Kingfisher is my favourite book of the month? I’m thinking the answer is no! I screamed when I was accepted for an ALC of Thornhedge and I dropped everything to listen to it. My only complaint is that it was so short because I adored these characters so much and there is so much about the world that I want to know more about. I think that T. Kingfisher should write more stories set in this universe, but I always think that about her books.

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9 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for the From Below recommendation! I just picked it up. It sounds great! Also, I’m glad you loved Thornhedge.. I am so anxious to get my hands on it. Her last several books have been amazing and I am looking forward to this next release — I just cannot get enough of her work!

    Great reading last month! Love the list!

  2. I am not surprised at all about your top 2 books for the month! I’m so looking forward to both of those, too. And The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich… how cute is that title? I just placed a hold on it at my library so I can see what it’s all about. 😀

  3. I was so excited for The Atlas Six, so when it was discounted I threw myself on it and then the mixed reviews showed up and I don´t feel like I will like it, so now I´m so scared to pick it up!

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