Things I Want More of in Book

I am doing a collab with some fellow booktubers and we are talking about the things that we would like to see more of in books! This was interesting to think about because a lot of the things I look for are becoming more and more popular. Really this is just a trick to have you recommend me books that have the things I am looking for!

Non-Greek Myth Retellings

It is no secret that I love Greek Myth retellings but I would love some more diversity! We are definitely seeing more and more books based on Chinese mythology, but I need more. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is based on a Korean folktale, Daughter of the Moon Goddess is based on Chinese Mythology, and When Oceans Rise is a Little Mermaid retelling with Filipino mythology influences.


There is a vibe to Piranesi and The Book That Wouldn’t Burn that is so specific and nearly impossible to describe which makes finding books that feel similar difficult to find. I would say they both have labyrinths but there is more to it. I think you have to read them to understand what I am talking about. If you have read anything that you would comp to these books please let me know!

Wholesome Sci-Fi

Becky Chambers and Martha Wells are the only two authors who come to my mind when I think about wholesome SciFi and they wrote some of my favourite books. I even looked up lists of wholesome SciFi recommendations and didn’t find much. Cozy fantasy is becoming more and more popular and I hope the same becomes true for SciFi.

Murder Mysteries in Space

In a similar vein to wholesome SciFi, I would also love more murder mysteries set in space. Give me SciFi Agatha Christie! The Spare Man is the book that made me realize this is something I loved and then I read Fugitive Telemetry, the latest novella in the Murderbot series, and was so delighted to discover it is also a murder mystery.

Books That Feature Djinn

I am currently the co-captain of Team Djinn for Once Upon a Readathon and it has made me realize just how much I love books that feature djinn but there aren’t nearly enough of them out there! I also adore witches and vampires but those are easy to find and I am discovering knew ones every day. I cannot say the same for djinn and that makes me sad! The Golem and the Jinni, The Stardust Thief, The City of Brass, and Dead Djinn in Cairo are some of my favourites. I think I also just like desert fantasy!

Campy Paranormal Teen Slashers

This is a very specific niche but it is one of my favourites! If I am not reading romance on the beach, all I want is campy paranormal teen slashers. I just want to read about teen vampires or zombies who are out of control. I have noticed that these books are often sapphic as well!

Disgust to Love

I don’t know that this is something that can be repeated but I loved this trope in Radiance and I need more of it! Disgust to love is much different than enemies to lovers because in this case they find each other repulsive but they get along and eventually fall in love. It worked so well in this case and I am just curious if there is anything else like it out there!

Horror Set at Boarding Schools

I think a lot of us like boarding school settings, but I love them specifically in horror. Every horror that I have read set at a boarding school has become a favourite. There is just something so dark about a sinister boarding school!


This was a hard list for me to put together because I do think a lot of my favourite things in books are becoming more and more popular, such as cozy fantasy and foodie romance. But there are some things I would like to see more of or selfishly just have you recommend me books that fit!


I don’t know what book ribbons bring me so much joy! I own a lot of classics that include them but only one of my modern fiction novels (The Wolf Den) has one. I wish they were included in more special editions!

What is something you would like to see more of in books?

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12 thoughts on “Things I Want More of in Book

  1. Yes, more wholesome sci-fi please! I’ve seen a few books compared to Becky Chambers but none of them have been as good for me. I would love more slice-of-life sci-fi without violence that’s just different species interacting 🙂

  2. Oh heck yes to illustrations, it’s so unfair that adults hardly ever get to read illustrated books! The boarding school horror one struck a chord too, as one of my absolute faves is The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein. The boarding school setting makes the atmosphere so claustrophobic and intense.

  3. Great list!! Djinn are always a bonus for me. And I definitely agree with your thoughts on Radiance. I’d love to read more like that!

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