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I just posted a book haul and the last thing I need to be doing is talking about my wishlist, but here we are!

Lately, I have been wanting to read all of the dragon books! To Shape a Dragon’s Breath is a new release and it seems to be getting a lot of great reviews. It sounds very different from any of the other dragon novels I have read and I love that!

Shady Hollow looks like cozy fantasy at its finest! There are talking animals and it sounds adorable!

Sword of Kaigen gets a lot of buzz and I am here for a standalone fantasy.

You know I adore T. Kingfisher and Swordheart seems to be so many readers favourite book of hers. I need to get to it!

Flamefall is the sequel to Fireborne, which I read last year and loved. It is another dragon book!

Gideon the Ninth has been recommended to me so many times and I have to try it!

Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea is another cozy fantasy that sounds like a good time!

I loved Firekeeper’s Daughter and I am excited that Angeline Boouley has published a new book called Warrior Girl Unearthed.

You know I love a witchy story and horror, so Legacy Witches looks perfect for me!

I have been waiting for A Taste of Gold and Iron to come out in paperback. So many people have told me I am going to love it!

Here is a link to my wishlist!

What books are at the top of your wishlist?

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15 thoughts on “Books on My Wishlist

  1. I hope you get some of these! The only one I’ve read is Gideon the Ninth… gotta say, I wasn’t a fan (which is a bummer, since I also have the next book in the series). I’m in the minority with Gideon, though, so I do hope you love it!

  2. I’m going to have to look up some of the cosy fantasy books that you’ve mentioned as it’s a genre I really want to try out. Top of my wishlist atm is The Adventures Of Amina Al-Sirafi and One For My Enemy.

      1. Ooh I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that then.

        That’s good to know. I really like the sound of the plot so fingers crossed its good 🤞

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