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This is the biggest book haul I have had in a minute and I am hoping it is the last one you will see from me for a while because I don’t do a lot of book shopping in the summer and my birthday is over!

Illumicrate Wayfarer Special Editions

Photos do not do these editions justice! They are stunning! You probably know by now just how much I adore the Wayfarer series, so I knew I needed to get my hands on these. I am not an Illumicrate subscriber so my friend grabbed them for me and I love her for it. I have had to make an entire shelf dedicated to Becky Chambers because of these and I am not complaining.

There are four books I purchased that I have already read. I talked about both Yours Truly, The Book That Wouldn’t Burn, and Fourth Wing in my May wrap up if you want to hear more of my thoughts on those. I read A Lady for a Duke and D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding last year and they became two of my favourite romances and I have been wanting them for my shelves.

I have three physical ARCs that I am so grateful for and excited about! Alice Hoffman is one of my favourite authors and obviously wrote my favourite witchy series, Practical Magic, so I am thrilled to have an ARC of The Invisible Hour. I have been wanting to read something by Ibi Zoboi and I heard her speak about Nigeria Jones and I loved how passionate she was about it. The Melancholy of Summer looks like the perfect beach read, though I know it has some heavier themes.

My best friend bought me two books off of my Amazon wishlist and I think he chose them solely based on the covers and I do not blame him! I cannot wait to read Paris Daillencourt is About to Crumble because I love Alexis Hall and this is the companion novel to Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake, which I adored. This Delicious Death is one of those YA slasher books that I love to read this time of year!

As you can see, I am preparing for my summer reading! I am so ready to lay on the beach and read romance. Kennedy Ryan is quickly becoming a favourite romance author and I have heard incredible things about Long Shot, though it tackles heavier themes. Exes and O’s sounds like a sweet romcom and I love that the main character loves romance novels and is looking for her own second-chance romance. I have been wanting to read A Marvellous Light for ages and there are now three books in the series so I have to get to it. Hex Appeal was an impulse buy but I do love a contemporary witchy romance so I will probably like it and you know I am here for a good pun. I had so much fun with When in Rome and I am thrilled that Annie is getting her own romance in Practice Makes Perfect and cannot wait to be back in the town of Rome, Kentucky.

I bought Yellowface because I am curious to see what R.F. Kuang does with literary fiction and it has been getting a lot of love! I love this special edition of Soulless and the illustrations inside are gorgeous. It also has vampires so you know I had to try it! I adore Anna-Marie McLemore and these YA classic remixes, so I cannot wait to read Self-Made Boys, which is a Great Gatsby retelling. A Second Story is a cozy fantasy written by a fellow booktuber and it looks adorable! The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a graphic novel that I just could not resist!

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels sounds like the kind of historical fantasy romance that I will love! Zora Books Her Happy Ever After was another impulse buy but I love a romance set in a bookstore. Angela from Literature Science Alliance raved about New Suns 2 and I knew I had to get it. There is also a story from Nghi Vo, who you know I love. Crier’s War has been on my wishlist for years and I cannot wait to read it!

What is a book that you hauled recently?

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  1. Wow, that is an amazing haul! Love love it! Hope you enjoy all of them! The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is fab and so cute and adorable and fun!

  2. Those Wayfarer books are beautiful! Now I wish I had copies of my own. 🙂 I actually have that edition of Soulless and love it. Have you read the book already? The series is terrific. So many great books — enjoy!!

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