February TBR

I thought it would be fun to start breaking my TBRs into categories and that it will probably help me to stay organized. The categories will probably change every month depending on what I have planned!


I have a physical ARC of Clytemnestra and I think I will be buddy reading it in February. I love a good Greek myth retelling and Clytemenstra has always been an interesting character to me. Her story has been retold time and time again but I never seem to get tired of it!

The next two books are ALCs from Libro.fm. Weyward is a historical fiction novel with witches and that is all I needed to hear! It follows three women over five centuries and there is a focus on male violence, so keep that in mind before picking this up. It comes out in March, so I am determined to get to it before then.

Age of Vice is already out and so many people are loving it! I think I am going to love the family drama!


I reread The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet in January and loved it just as much, so now is the time to finally continue on with the series. I received A Closed and Common Orbit, Record of a Spaceborn Few, and The Galaxy, and the Ground Within for Christmas, so I have no excuse to not get to it at this point!


April is going to be here before we know it, so I need to pick up the pace and read more of the SPFBO finalists! I am hoping to read Mysterious Ways, Fire of the Forebears, A Song for the Void, and Tethered Spirits in one vlog, but I will say that all of these scare me!


I tend to read romances in February and I am not sure which ones I will be in the mood for, but both For Butter or Worse and Seven Days in June are calling to me! There are also a couple of romances coming out in February that I have my eye on.


I bought a copy of The Cat Who Saved Books last summer and have been meaning to read it ever since! I have learned that I love reading from a cat main character and this one has that plus it centers around books, so I am bound to love it.

Buddy Read

I am buddy reading all of the Fairyloot Adult books with a few friends, so we will be reading January’s book in February. I am so excited because The Last Tale of the Flower Bride is one of my most anticipated books of the year!

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28 thoughts on “February TBR

  1. It’s cool that you and your friends are doing buddy reads for the Fairyloot books! I have to get my friend to subscribe to Fairyloot so we can do that too one day, since I tend to fall behind on the Fairyloot readings all the time

  2. A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet has been on my TBR for so long! I always go back and forth on wanting to read it. Happy reading!

  3. Jsjjshdjsjdbd weyward SOUNDS FABULOUS?? look historical fiction with witches IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN LIFE. I MUST read. AM ALSO DESPERATELY WAITING FOR ALL YOUR THOUGHTS WHEN YOU READ IT. Reading this was so so much fun AND I HOPE YOU LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!

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