My Bookish Goals for 2023

I told myself that I wasn’t going to set any serious reading goals in 2023 because I never stick to them. I know we are only two weeks into the year, but I think I have a system that is helping me to be more organized, so I am hoping I will remember I made these goals in the first place.

Read the Books on My TBR Cart

I put together a TBR cart of the books that I want to get to in 2023. These are books that have been on my TBR for a while and I am hoping that putting the cart in front of my bookshelf will force me to pick them up. I can already feel myself avoiding these books, which is so silly!

Read More Translated Fiction

I just shared all of the translated fiction that is on my TBR, so I would love to make a dent in that list this year. There really is something about translated fiction that appeals to me!

Participate in More Readathons

I used to sign up for readathons and then lose the motivation to participate rather quickly. That seemed to change near the end of 2022 when I join two readathons that I really committed to. There are a lot of readathons happening this year and I would love to participate in them. They are a great way to meet more people in the bookish community!

Catch Up on More Series

This is a goal of mine every year and I always fail at it! I will say that I started and caught up on two series already this year, so I think the key is to embrace marathoning an entire series when I can.

Stay on Top of My Fairyloot Editions

I am buddy reading the Adult Fairyloot editions with a couple of friends throughout the year, so I think that will help me to not fall behind on those. However, I also get the YA editions and I really don’t want those to pile up either.

Discover More of What I Love in Fantasy and Horror

I think I have come to understand my reading taste over the last few years, but fantasy and horror are two genres that I absolutely adore but are so broad and I still don’t quite know what works for me within the genres and what doesn’t. I hope to experiment with them to help me figure it out!

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22 thoughts on “My Bookish Goals for 2023

      1. I know. I’m doing a book review and have an appointment this afternoon and have to read a novella by Stephen King for book club this Friday. I should have planned better.

  1. Great goals, and I love your library cart! I bought a cart for myself this past year, but I’ve been using it rather randomly. I like the idea of dedicating it to TBR books — if I can find time to do some organizing, I’ll have to give it a try!

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