WWW Wednesday (January 11th, 2023)

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! All you have to do is answers the following three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

I am about to finish The Raven and the Reindeer and it has brought me so much joy! No one writes fairytales quite like T. Kingfisher does. I think she has this special way of finding the balance between darkness and light in a story like this. I normally don’t love quest stories, but T. Kingfisher is always the exception. This is a Snow Queen retelling, so now is the perfect time to read it!

I just started That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon on audio and can already tell that this is going to be a good time! I stopped what I was doing and downloaded the sequel, That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf, because I know I am going to want to read it right away!

Just Finished

Me starting and catching up on a series within the first week of the year? Who I am!? I hope that I can keep this going because I do enjoy marathoning a series once in a while. Before the Coffee Gets Cold, Tales from the Cafe, and Before Your Memory Fades were equally emotional, hopeful, and reflective. They are made up of interconnected short stories, so some of them are stronger than others, but I read a lot of this through tears and was really touched by the experience!

I have read four of the SPFBO finalists so far and am hoping to talk about those in more detail soon! I will say that The Thirteenth Hour is my least favourite so far, but I still enjoyed a lot about it and think it will work for many readers!

Starting Next

That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf is next on my list, obviously! I also have plans to buddy read Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries and I cannot wait!

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18 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (January 11th, 2023)

  1. I’ve read one of Kimberly Lemmings’ romances though I can’t remember which one but I do remember it was definitely unique and a lot of fun! 😍 I really want to finish the Before the Coffee Gets Cold series but I have read the first and bawled through it. Do those stories continue or do the other books focus on a different set of people? Happy reading!

  2. I have Before the Coffee Gets Cold, Tales from the Cafe, and Before Your Memory Fades all on my TBR and I’m very excited! I have NOW adding Encyclopaedia of Faeries because OBVIOUSLY I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Hope you’re doing well! <3

  3. I just finished 1922 by Stephen King. It was distribing.

    I’m reading Doc ShowMance by Zoe Forward. A Second Chance, Grumpy Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers. Romance. I’m also reading an ARC of How That Makes You Feel by Elle Diaz. A LatinX Romance that deals with mental health, mourning, LBGTQ+, and more.

    I’ll be reading Fair Expansion by Stephen King and How To Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix next.

  4. OK, I just need need need the That Time I Got Drunk And Saved A Demon and its prequel. It looks good! Hope you enjoy all your books~

  5. Ooh, T. Kingfisher! I need to read this one — I’ve loved absolutely every single one of her books so far! Looking forward to the Encyclopedia of Faeries book to, and I do need to get to Before the Coffee Gets Cold (since I have a copy) — so glad to hear that you loved it!

  6. I haven’t read this T. Kingfisher book yet, but I will! (Maybe soon, to keep it seasonal.) And I’ve read the first two Before Your Coffee Gets Cold books, but I hadn’t yet decided on the third. I’ll probably pick it up eventually, though! The first two were really neat reads.

      1. Oh, I definitely love T. Kingfisher’s work! I’ve read several of her books, and everything except her horror is an auto-buy for me. 😉

        Interesting! Now I’ll have to make sure I pick up the third book.

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