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Nonfiction November is hosted by Olive from A Book Olive and I have been seriously neglecting nonfiction this year, so I decided to participate. I know I will not get to all of these in November, especially since I am participating in another readathon and will probably be in the mood for some holiday romances, but I want to have some books to choose from.

I appreciate a good celebrity memoir, and many amazing ones came out this year! I own physical copies of both We Were Dreamers and Finding Me, but I will be listening to them on audio since I prefer my memoirs that way.

Simu Liu and I went to the same Canadian university at the same time. I flipped through the book and he talks about that period of his life quite a bit, so that will be interesting for me. I also just adore Simu as an actor and he is a good Instagram follow. I am curious to learn more about his life in his memoir, We Were Dreamers!

I have heard incredible things about Finding Me and the way that Viola Davis tells her story. I suspect this is going to be an emotional read! Who doesn’t love Viola Davis? And I have heard that this will make you appreciate her even more!

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing comes out on November 1st and I know that Matthew Perry struggled with addiction during his time on Friends but he has always been extremely private. I have always had a soft spot for Chandler and Matthew Perry, so I am looking forward to learning more about his story.

If I get through those celebrity memoirs, there are a few other nonfiction titles that are on my radar. Deliberate Cruelty comes out in November and I have always had a fascination with Truman Capote and his swans. This is true crime and focuses on the night that the socialite Ann Woodward shot her husband. Truman Capote became obsessed with the case and wanted to write a novel inspired by Ann’s marriage, but this leads to scandal and Ann Woodward’s eventual suicide.

Of course, I know who Cleopatra was and the cliff notes version of her story, but she is a person from history who has always fascinated me and I would love to know more. I actually stole Cleopatra from my mom’s shelves and have been meaning to pick it up for ages. I appreciate a good biography once in a while and I like that this one is under 400 pages.

Kate Moore wrote The Radium Girls, which is one of my favourite nonfiction titles, so I have wanted to read The Women They Could Not Silence since it came out.

I have had the audiobook of Five Days at Memorial for ages now and I figured that since it has been adapted into a TV series, now is the perfect time to read it. I have found that I love investigative journalism nonfiction, like Bad Blood or Catch and Kill, so I am looking forward to this one.

Have you read nonfiction this year? Any favourites?

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15 thoughts on “Nonfiction November TBR

  1. Viola Davis’s book is going to be one of the next audiobooks I hopefully listen to. It’s a toss up between “Finding Me” or “Know My Name” by Chanel Miller for which I read next and which I save for Decembers 16 hour travel day to get home. Hope you enjoy all of thse!

  2. I so rarely read NF but this year I’ve been especially neglectful of my NF TBR 😂 I feel like I should probably try to do NF November, too? I just watched a YT video with Viola Davis and it made me want to read her book immediately—she has such presence! 😍 I hope you enjoy all these books, Kristin!

  3. The Woman They Could Not Silence and Five Days at Memorial are both excellent reads. I’ll be taking part in the book blog version of NonFicNov but I’ll be keeping up with abookolive’s challenge as well. I host an annual nonfiction reading challenge, but I haven’t managed to read as much of it as I’ve wanted to this year.

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