Can I Fall in Love With Epic Fantasy?

If you want to see my journey of reading Malice by John Gwynne, I just posted a blog on my YouTube channel. But I also wanted to share with you all what I learned while reading my first epic fantasy since Game of Thrones.

I had this idea about myself and the kind of fantasy that I love. I always assumed that epic fantasy was too intense for me, that there would be too many characters to keep track of, and that I would be confused the entire time. All these things were valid at the beginning of Malice, but I eventually found my rhythm and was hooked. I consider myself to be open to most genres, so I don’t know why I had my wall up when it came to more intense fantasy. I guess I was intimidated. Though Malice didn’t become a favourite of all time, I will be continuing with the series and it will always have a special place in my heart for showing me this is a genre that can work for me.

Now, I need your help! Where do I go from here? I want to read more epic fantasy, high fantasy, grimdark, etc. Give me all of the recommendations!

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6 thoughts on “Can I Fall in Love With Epic Fantasy?

  1. I thought I couldn’t handle grimdark until I read The Poppy War trilogy by RF Kuang. I would also call it a historical fantasy, as it is an epic fantasy based on Chinese history. But look up the trigger warnings first, because those books get pretty heavy.

  2. I feel that there are two kinds of Epic Fantasy: the grimdark kind that you mentioned wanting recs for, and the hopeful kind. I am not a fan of grimdark, but I do love hopeful fiction. My favorite (hopeful) epic fantasy is still The Lord of the Rings, and I’m intending to re-read it via the audiobooks narrated by Andy Serkis. His version of The Hobbit was wonderful, if you wanted to try out both Tolkien’s style and Serkis’ narration (assuming you’re not already familiar with them).

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