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Every since Netgalley introduced audiobooks, I have been using it more! There are a few books I have been approved for that I will be prioritizing over the next few months, so I thought I would share them with you. I recently spoke about some of the ARCs I have been denied on Netgalley, so click here if you want to check that out. or what the video below because I talk about them there as well!

The Audiobooks

A Half-Built Garden is a first contact with aliens story that sounds amazing and is out now! I can feel a SciFi mood coming on, so, hopefully, I will get to this one soon!

Pandora is a 2023 release and is obviously a Greek Myth retelling, so you know I had to request it! I cannot believe we are getting 2023 ARCs already.

Self-Made Boys is one of the books in that remixed series where the published is taking classic novels and remixing them into more diverse, YA stories. I love that this one is written by Anne-Marie McLemore, one of my favourite authors, and that it is a Great Gatsby retelling!

A Strange and Stubborn Endurance is a fantasy romance, which is a genre outside of my comfort zone, but I was curious about it. I have heard mixed things, so now I am nervous!

I will read any bookish romance, so you know I had to request Booked on a Feeling! It has such a fun cover as well!

I couldn’t believe it when I was approved for an ALC of I’m the Girl! I love Courtney Summers’ books on audio, so this is perfect. I have no idea what it is about, but I am excited!

I preordered a physical copy of Ordinary Monsters, so it was exciting to be approved for an ALC. Now I can immersion read it, which is perfect because this book is enormous!

Valiant Ladies is about sword-fighting women and it is sapphic. I don’t know why I haven’t listened to it yet!

I have started listening to The Book Eaters and it is such a wild premise! I will have a full review for you soon.

Rachel Griffin wrote A Nature of Witches, which I plan to read this fall. Wild is the Witch has been getting great reviews and it has so many of my buzzwords.

The eBooks

Reasonable Adults is a wintery romance set in Muskoka, which is cottage country here in Ontario. It looks adorable and if there is a dog on the cover of a romance, I will want to read it.

Kiss Her One for Me is by the same author of The Charm Offensive. How adorable and Christmasy does this romance look? I cannot wait!

How could you not request a book with the title Never Ever Getting Back Together?

The publisher sent me an eARC of Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man and it sounds so good! I recently attended a live show with LaQuette and she was hilarious, so I hope that translates into her book as well.

I was also sent an eARC of I’m the Girl! I am thinking I might read that while listening to the audiobook at the same time.

When I tell you I screamed when I saw I was approved for Bloodmarked!

I have been wanting to read something from Shea Ernshaw for ages and I am intrigued by A Wilderness of Stars. All I know is that astrology plays a major role in the story.

Where the Darkness Blooms is a 2023 release and it has one of the most haunting covers that I have ever seen!

Aces Wild was available as a “read now” and it looked good, so I grabbed it!

I have been wanting to read something by Lynn Painter for ages and The Do-Over looks adorable!

Do you use Netgalley?

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16 thoughts on “My Netgalley TBR

  1. I recently listened to Self-Made Boys and enjoyed it a lot, can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are! I’m also surprised I read it so early when it doesn’t release until September, I was just in the mood for it!

    I also have an ALC of Ordinary Monsters but its so big I’ve been scared to start it!

  2. I don’t use Netgalley, since I stopped requesting ARCs many, many years ago. I’ve had an issue keeping up with “required” reading ever since I finished school. 😉 However, some of these are books I’ll be keeping an eye on so that I can pick them up once they’re published!

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