Books Set in a Place I’d Love to Visit

I attempted to choose fantasy worlds for this week’s topic, but I quickly realized that a lot of fantasy worlds are dark and horrifying and not places I’d like to visit. So, I went with real places for this list!

Last Night at the Telegraph Club | San Francisco
Where the Rhythm Takes You | Tobago
The Ballerinas | Paris
Amora | Brazil
One Summer After | Amalfi Coast
The Falconer | Scotland
The Girl From the Sea | Nova Scotia
The Wonder | Ireland
The Travelling Cat Chronicles | Japan
The Unhoneymooners | Hawaii

Putting this list together made me realize that there are a lot of places I would love to visit but I have never read a book set in those countries! Maybe I should do one of those “Around the World” reading challenges next year!

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61 thoughts on “Books Set in a Place I’d Love to Visit

  1. The images really add to it! 😍 What eye candy. The ultimate challenge is reading a book set in a place when you’re also in that place. 😁 And I also had that same thought of how scary fantasy worlds are… But ours definitely can be too haha

  2. This is such a cool concept! I’ve been to a couple of places these books are set it, but not all. I’m definitely interested in reading more books that take place in them 😃

  3. Nice! I’ve been to half of these places, although Japan was just in the airport. Nova Scotia is a place I definitely want to visit, not just because of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, but also because I have ancestors from there. Plus, it looks beautiful! I hope we both get to see it someday 🙂

    Happy TTT!


  4. San Francisco is a really nice place! I went back in 2016 I believe and I enjoyed my time there. Hawaii would be an amazing place to visit. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan since I was a teenager haha. I really need to travel more.

  5. Only places listed here that I have visited are Japan (I was actually born there and lived there for seven years), San Francisco and Hawaii (I was too small but then I have been there). I always wanted to visit Amalfi Coast and Scotland though — never been to Europe.

  6. Great post! I always find that reading about a place you want to go to just intensifies your need to go! I love reading about the different streets and the culture when reading about a different place.

  7. I love this idea – I often read a book and think about how much I’d love to travel to the destination I’m reading about! I’ve been to Scotland and Paris and I’d love to go to Japan. One day 🤞🏻

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