Books Set in a Place I’d Love to Visit

I attempted to choose fantasy worlds for this week’s topic, but I quickly realized that a lot of fantasy worlds are dark and horrifying and not places I’d like to visit. So, I went with real places for this list!

Last Night at the Telegraph Club | San Francisco
Where the Rhythm Takes You | Tobago
The Ballerinas | Paris
Amora | Brazil
One Summer After | Amalfi Coast
The Falconer | Scotland
The Girl From the Sea | Nova Scotia
The Wonder | Ireland
The Travelling Cat Chronicles | Japan
The Unhoneymooners | Hawaii

Putting this list together made me realize that there are a lot of places I would love to visit but I have never read a book set in those countries! Maybe I should do one of those “Around the World” reading challenges next year!

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58 thoughts on “Books Set in a Place I’d Love to Visit

  1. The images really add to it! 😍 What eye candy. The ultimate challenge is reading a book set in a place when you’re also in that place. 😁 And I also had that same thought of how scary fantasy worlds are… But ours definitely can be too haha

  2. This is such a cool concept! I’ve been to a couple of places these books are set it, but not all. I’m definitely interested in reading more books that take place in them 😃

  3. Nice! I’ve been to half of these places, although Japan was just in the airport. Nova Scotia is a place I definitely want to visit, not just because of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, but also because I have ancestors from there. Plus, it looks beautiful! I hope we both get to see it someday 🙂

    Happy TTT!


  4. San Francisco is a really nice place! I went back in 2016 I believe and I enjoyed my time there. Hawaii would be an amazing place to visit. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan since I was a teenager haha. I really need to travel more.

  5. Only places listed here that I have visited are Japan (I was actually born there and lived there for seven years), San Francisco and Hawaii (I was too small but then I have been there). I always wanted to visit Amalfi Coast and Scotland though — never been to Europe.

  6. Great post! I always find that reading about a place you want to go to just intensifies your need to go! I love reading about the different streets and the culture when reading about a different place.

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