Books From My Past TBR Posts I STILL Haven’t Read

It can be painful to look back on past TBRs and see how terrible I am at sticking to them! There are some books I have forgotten about completely and others that have shown up on so many TBRs throughout the years. I am happy that this week’s TTT topic shamed me this way- it was an eye-opner!

I love that, in 2017, I shared why TBRs don’t work for me, but here we are five years later and I still attempt to make them! I am proud to say that I have read many of the books on my Winter TBR from 2017 and there are a few I am no longer interested in. That said, I was shocked to discover that I have had Britt Marie Was Here on my shelves for this long and I still haven’t read it. What is wrong with me?

I had a lot of success with my March TBR this year and there is only one I have yet to read. I was so excited about The Lost Dreamer, but I have heard a lot of mixed things. If you have read it, I would love to know what you think!

I tried to read A Discovery of Witches last year and I could not get into it! I think I went into it with the wrong expectations, so now I know what I am getting into when I try it again. I included it on my spring TBR last year but I know it has been on multiple TBRs throughout the years.

I really think I am going to love Jar of Hearts and I cannot believe I haven’t read it yet. I actually haven’t read anything by Jennifer Hillier, but all of her thrillers sound interesting. I included this book on my Thriller October TBR in 2020!

How embarrassing! I first included The Starless Sea on my Fall 2020 TBR, but I found it on so many other TBRs when putting this post together. It is a book that I have read the first chapter of so many times and one I am curious about, but it just never feels like the right time!

I have been meaning to read Blonde for ages! I put it on my Summer TBR last year and I really wanted to get to it because I knew that the movie was coming out at some point in 2022. I really don’t see myself getting to it before release day now, which is a shame!

I forgot all about The Reading Rush! I remember being so excited about This Is How It Always Is, but I have completely forgotten about that book until now.

The size of The Forgotten Garden scares me and I have never read anything by Kate Morton, but it is still a book I would love to get to eventually. I cannot believe that I spoke about it being one of the biggest books on my TBR all the way back in 2018!

The Library at Mount Char is a book I have put on a million TBRs and I have a feeling is going to be my kind of weird, but I just never seem to get to it!

The Girl With the Louding Voice has the potential to become an all-time favourite, and I think that is why I continue to add it to TBRs but never pick it up. It is just one of those situations where I am saving it for the perfect time, even though there is no perfect time!

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61 thoughts on “Books From My Past TBR Posts I STILL Haven’t Read

  1. You’ve done really well! Hopefully you can get through some of these soon.

  2. You aren’t doing too shabby at all! You’ve got two of my favorites on there — A Discovery of Witches is an absolute favorite, and The Starless Sea gave me a horrible book hangover bc it felt like it had been written exclusively for me. I hope you love these when you finally settle down to read them! I did NOT enjoy Library at Mount Char, though, as it was way, way too weird for me. Maybe you’ll have a different experience, though!

  3. I haven’t read any of these, but I have a good friend who loved This is How It Always Is. I’m interested in Blonde, I’ve actually never read anything by Oates and Marilyn Monroe seems like such a sad figure. Hope you like these!

  4. I really liked this weeks topic too, it was nice to look back at my TBR’s and see what I still want to read!

    I finally read The Starless Sea earlier this year as it was glaring at me for so long – I think you might like it, but its a weird book, so it could go either way! Curious to see what you think if/when you pick it up!

  5. Maybe try to listen to A Discovery of Witches? I loved the audiobook…

  6. I definitely need to add that Backman to my TBR and I haven’t read The Starless Sea either. I have read a couple by Kate Morton and loved them and I have a bunch more on my TBR because they are so very huge

  7. I love Backman, he’s my favorite. I struggled a bit with Britt-Marie. Girl With the Louding Voice.. I think, I feel the same? I have it but haven’t picked it up yet!

    My Top Ten!

  8. I’d love to read many of these too. Starless Sea and Fredrik Backman’s books are ones I’d like to get to soon.

  9. I’ve found that I’m definitely a mood reader, but I still sometimes think about what book I’ll read next (try and set a mini TBR) but even when I’ve placed the next book on my bedside table, when I’ve stopped reading my current book I’ll reach for something else instead.. I think that’s why I’m also a multi reader as well as a mood reader because our moods will change so often

  10. I’ve only read A Discovery of Witches (which I loved, and read the whole series) and the Starless Sea, which I didn’t love nearly as much as the Night Circus. And this is your friendly librarian reminding – read shame free. Be gentle with yourself. We can’t read all the books, and that’s okay. It’s okay to stop reading a book if it isn’t working for you.

    1. That’s good to hear about A Discovery of Witches since I have the entire boxed set!

      I didn’t love The Night Circus and I’m hopeful I just might enjoy The Starless Sea more. We will see!

      And thanks for that reminder. It’s definitely something I need to keep in mind!

  11. I still haven’t read A Discovery of Witches or The Starless Sea either, even though I really, really want to read them. C’est la vie. I hope you enjoy all of these when you get to them. 😀

    My TTT

  12. The Starless Sea is really excellent! I’ve never read anything like it, it’s very unique in a lot of ways. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

  13. As I read this I see that I have similar book on your tbr list. I have been so busy and you have done a great job reading the book you have time for and taking your time progressing through your list. I love the All Souls Trilogy and The Starless sea. Books that you can relate too are the ones you can’t put down and crave more of.

  14. I also find myself doing a lot of recently. I will start a book, put it down, then forget about it until I find it a few years from then. I’m slowly making it through my book shelf though!

  15. I loved Starless Sea and The Girl with the Louding Voice. The Forgotten Garden, while big, was a page turner for me and I flew through it. It was my first Kate Morton book and it was a good choice. I can’t wait to hear what you think when you finally get around to these. All in good time.

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