Do I Read the Books I Haul? (Part One)

I have posted a few hauls on my BookTube channel over the last year and a half and I have been curious whether or not I actually read the books that I haul. I decided to go through each of my hauls and let you know which ones I have read, which ones are still on my TBR, and which ones I have unhauled!

Out of the eleven books that I hauled in this video, I have read six of them, which isn’t great but isn’t terrible. I had mixed feelings about the ones I did read but none of them ended up being favourites.

I unhauled The Absolute Book because it was sent to me unsolicited by the publisher and it is 640 pages. I just know that I will never prioritize it and it has a pretty low rating on Goodreads!

I have plans to buddy read Dear Edward in August and would love to get to Hall of Smoke in the fall. So I feel good about both of those!

I hope that you enjoyed this update and I am crossing my fingers that the next part goes a little bit better, but I don’t have high hopes!

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15 thoughts on “Do I Read the Books I Haul? (Part One)

  1. This is such a good idea! I’d like to do a similar post, but I’m kind of scared, lol, since I’m pretty sure I haven’t read half the books I hauled.

  2. 6 out of 11 read and 1 unhauled is not bad odds at all! That means you got through 63% of them one way or another, so your odds are better than mine! (I’ve been reviewing my 2020 book hauls lately—though I have a BUNCH of ebooks included in that year’s haul, too.)

      1. I completely understand! I think I’ve done a lot better at actually reading the physical books I’ve gotten compared to ebooks. (Though I’m a little scared to find out, LOL)

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