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I am somebody who unhauls books often, so I never do a large unhaul or share the books that I get rid of very often. That said, I was in a spring cleaning kind of book and I decided to finally get rid of some books I was holding on to despite not loving them. I am really trying to curate my shelves so that they reflect who I am and my reading taste.

Final Girls was my first Riley Sager and my introduction to the “final girl” trope. I had a good time with it because I wasn’t reading a lot of thrillers at the time. However, I have read a couple more books from Sager since then a did not enjoy them. Home Before Dark seems to be a lot of people’s favourite, and it just didn’t work for me. I think I have decided it is just time to give up on Riley Sager. My best friend loves thrillers, so I will pass it on to him!

I read They Both Die at the End years ago and thought it was fine. I know that it has had a bit of a resurgence because of BookTok, so I will happily pass it along to someone who will be more excited about it! It is not a book that has stayed with me or one that I have ever had displayed on my shelves. I have only kept it because I knew it was so popular!

Stalking Jack the Ripper is another book I read years ago and I remember really loving the atmosphere. I have said this many times, but I am terrible at completely series. I have so many that I want to complete, and this series is just not a priority for me. I don’t need it taunting me from my shelves. Into the little free library, it goes!

The Nest was very popular when it came out and I was so disappointed with it. It is too bad because I normally love family dramas! I have been holding on to this one for sallow reasons- the cover is absolutely stunning! I realize that is not a good reason to keep a book around, so I hope one of my neighbours will be happy to find it in the little free library.

After the End was sent to me from the publisher and I was so excited because Clare Mackintosh wrote one of my favourite thrillers- I Let You Go. I was not prepared for what After the End ended up being, which is not a thriller. It follows a couple whose son is terminally ill and they disagree about how to handle his care. It was just too difficult for me to read and I never finished it!

I wanted to love A Darker Shade of Magic because the premise was so interesting, but it just wasn’t for me. I have struggled with all of V.E. Schwab’s books- I don’t know what it is! I do have a copy of Gallant and I think it will be the book that determines whether or not I will ever read anything else by the author. A Darker Shade of Magic is, once again, the first book in a series that I know I will never complete. I have a feeling that my neighbour will love this, so I will see if she has read it or not.

Surprise, surprise- another series! I thought The Bone Witch was interesting, but the books are available for free on Audible if you are a Plus member, so if I ever feel compelled to complete it I can always listen to them. It is another book I think my neighbour might enjoy!

Last Chance Books is an ARC I was sent, and it always pains me to get rid of ARCs. I just didn’t love it, though I really should have. It is a You’ve Got Mail retelling! I just didn’t love the characters or buy into the romance. What do you do with ARCs you didn’t love?

Paula Hawkins’s books aren’t my favourite, but I will always try them! I do think that I enjoyed Into the Water more than most readers, but I just don’t hold on to thrillers unless they are 4 or 5 stars, which is rare for me when it comes to this genre. Into the Water was a solid three stars, but I do know some readers in real life that would enjoy it!

It makes me sad to let go of Red Rising because I did really love it! It was one of the first SciFi books I ever read and it was so unique to me at that time. Sadly, I finally read Golden Son last year and I just couldn’t get invested in it. A lot of what I loved about the first one wasn’t present in the sequel, and I have been told that Golden Son is actually the best book in the initial trilogy. I also have Morning Star, so I will be donating the entire trilogy.

What do you do with books that you want to unhaul?

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13 thoughts on “Book Unhaul

  1. For books that I want to unhaul, I usually give them to a friend who might like them, or to youth/children’s shelter or a free library. I rarely see a free libary that is full around here so I usually carry a sack of books in my car and then, fill up the free library with what’s in my sack.

  2. I don’t have many physical books to unhaul. I love this post and how you explain why you’re unhauling a book.

  3. If I unhaul books I first ask friends and my co-workers if they want to read them. Second I give them to charity shops or out exchange shelf close to work.

      1. A lot of the time that’s the same with me too. If I DNF or don’t like a book that much on finishing it, I know it will go straight into the unhaul pile. The only problem is that I let them pile up because I don’t get rid of them straight away.

  4. You sound exactly like me with The Nest! I had a hard time getting rid of it because of the cover because I didn’t care for the story. I have books just sitting on my floor currently that I need to find new homes for 😅

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