Where Are These Characters Now!? I Need Answers!

I absolutely love this week’s TTT topic! I often find myself thinking about characters and wondering what would happen to them after the events of a book. It is an interesting question to explore!

Ryland from Project Hail Mary

It is really going to be hard to talk about why I want an update on any of the characters in today’s post without spoilers, so I am going to be very vague. I adored Ryland as a character and how his story wrapped up; however, there is a bit of an open ending and I would love to know what happens and where Ryland is five or tens years after the last page of the novel.

Andrew from Summer Sons

Andrew was a frustrating character for me but I did find myself invested in him and his story. Summer Sons is set at a very particular time in his life and I am curious to know his next move and how the events of the books continue to affect him. There were some questions I still wanted answers to!

Nora from The Midnight Library

Nora goes through a lot throughout The Midnight Library and she comes to a lot of important and profound conclusions, but as this is a story that largely focuses on mental health, I think it would be interesting and helpful for readers to learn more about the ups and downs of Nora’s life after everything she learned throughout the story.

Claudia from Monday’s Not Coming

Claudia just goes through so much in Monday’s Not Coming and I just want to know how she is doing!

Liz from You Should See Me in a Crown

I often wonder what happens to characters in YA contemporaries after they graduate high school, especially if there is a romance. I usually picture the endings as more of a happy for now situation since the characters are young and have so much life ahead, but I think it would be amazing to see what Liz from You Should See Me In a Crown is up to now!

Gifty from Transcendent Kingdom

We do get an epilogue in Transcendent Kingdom, so we get some insight into Gifty’s life after the events of the book, but I am curious to know more. I was so attached to her as a character, so I would love a book similar to City of Girls where we follow Gifty throughout her entire life!

Cussy from The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

We get a bit of an epilogue in The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek that is set four years in the future, but I want more. I just love this story and Cussy as a character!

Nana from The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Nana is not only the main character in The Travelling Cat Chronicles but he is also a cat. I never cried so much when reading a book and I just need to know that Nana is happy.

All the Women in Women Talking

Women Talking follows a group of women trying to make a decision, which they ultimately do. What I want to know is how everything worked out for them!

Blythe from The Push

If you have read the ending of The Push, you know why I want an update on Blythe!

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19 thoughts on “Where Are These Characters Now!? I Need Answers!

  1. You’ll be happy to hear that there is a sequel to Troublesome Creek. I tried to get the ARC but was denied. No matter, I pre-ordered the paperback! It is called The Book Woman’s Daughter and it comes out in June.

  2. Great choices!! I’d love to hear more about Ryland. That ending!!! As Davida mentioned, there is a sequel coming for the Book Woman book, and I can’t wait to read it. I’d love to know how Nora’s life worked out, and I agree that YA contemporaries often leave me wondering… and then what?

  3. My husband and I listened to the audiobook for Project Hail Mary together and we were on a strict don’t listen without the other or we will make you relisten rule. We still quote it to each other. A fantastic book, I’m glad you enjoyed it as well.

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