Books I Have Read and Would Love to Own

I would love for my book collection to be an accurate reflection of the books I have read and loved. I have started unhauling books I didn’t like or just felt were okay. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks and read the occasionally eARC. For this reason, I don’t actually own a lot of my favourite books. I am collecting them slowly, but these are the ten that are on my “next to buy” list!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get an eARC of White Smoke, one of my most anticipated books of the year! I have read and loved everything that Tiffany D Jackson has written and own all of her books except for this. It is definitely a high priority for me because I need to finish my collection and support one of my favourite authors.

Not only does Summer Sons have one of my favourite creepy covers, but it is also one of my favourite dark academia novels. This is a newer release and I hope that a lot of people end up picking it up. It haunts me!

The Kiss Quotient series is my favourite romance series, so of course I need (want!) the last book so I can complete my collection! I also really loved The Heart Principle and it may be my favourite in the series, though it is less of a romance when compared to the other two books.

I am slowly collecting all of Becky Chambers’ novels, and Psalm for the Wild-Built is next on my list and is one of my favourites. No one writes characters quite like Becky Chambers does!

I read an eARC of The Infinity Courts and thought it was such a unique story! I already knew I loved Akemi Dawn Bowman’s writing and was excited to see what she did with SciFi. I was blown away and haven’t been so surprised by a book in a long time. Plus, the cover is stunning, as is the one for the sequel!

I feel as though I talk about Skyhunter all of the time and it is surprising, even to me, that I don’t own a physical copy. With the sequel coming out today, I would love to get my hands on a copy of both books. I am realizing that I have to thank for introducing me to many of my favourites!

Simone St. James has quickly become one of my favourite mystery writers and I adored both The Broken Girls and The Sun Down Motel, the latter being my favourite. I have realized that I don’t own a lot of my favourite thrillers or mysteries, so would love to slowly collect them.

I have listened to a lot of my favourite nonfiction and memoirs on audio, so I don’t have many on my shelves. One I would love to own so I could reread it and annotate it is In the Dream House. I think there is so much that I missed the first time I read it and I know there are many quotes I want to save.

I have never read anything quite like Lovely War! I absolutely loved the audio, but I bet it reads well physically. I thought having the gods as the storytellers was so clever and this is a book I would recommend to anyone looking to get into historical fiction. Part of the reason I want it on my shelves is so I can lend it out to others!

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33 thoughts on “Books I Have Read and Would Love to Own

  1. A bookshelf doesn’t look quite so good with just an eReader on it. I have my favorite ones displayed – mostly older and obtained by gifts, used book stores, or garage sales.

  2. If all my fav ebooks were to become paperbacks with the covers I like then that’d my fav place in the world. I have a list of books that I’ve read but want to own so badly; the Gilded Ones and Once Upon a Broken Heart would be high on that list. I’ve heard more about The Infinity Courts, Skyhunter, and White Smoke and have to read them.

  3. I also love to buy my fave books after reading them. You don’t know it will be a fave until you do, after all. I’m slowly acquiring Becky Chambers’ books too!

  4. What a great idea. I don’t have much room for books, so I only want to keep a few of my favorites. And The Kiss Quotient would be one of them!

  5. Such a great topic! I feel the same — there are so many books that I just need on my shelves, even though I’ve read them already. (And I do have the habit of buying physical copies of books I’ve loved that I’ve read via ARCs. Some books are just a must!)
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