Side Characters Who Deserve More Love

Putting this list together taught me something about my favourite side characters and that is that I love a good best friend! Seven of the ten characters I am going to talk about in this post are best friends to the main character. I guess this should not surprise me, as I love the found family trope and am drawn to books with strong themes of friendship!

Sanjeet from Raybearer

As much as I adore Tarisai, it is Sanjeet who I connected with most. There are so many heartwarming moments between Tarisai and Sanjeet and they are really the characters who made me realize just how much I adore the found family trope. They are adorable. There is a moment where he tells Tarisai to let him carry her story as he trust her to carry his. It is just too sweet! He is one of those characters who has a tough exterior but is truly a marshmallow inside. I cannot wait for this sequel, which comes out so so soon!

Maritza from Cemetery Boys

Maritza is Yadriel’s best friend and cousin all in one and the way she supports him is the best! Maritza is the one person who Yadiel can be himself around and she has his back no matter what. I also love how bold and sarcastic she is.

Ansel from Serpent & Dove

Ansel is the definition of a cinnamon role. There were moments were I felt that Lou didn’t deserve him- he was that sweet and good!

Aunt Peg from City of Girls

I am always up for an eccentric aunt, especially if she lives New York and owns a struggling theater!

Angelica from With the Fire on High

I almost chose Malachi, the love interest in With the Fire on High, but settled on Angelica because I am always more drawn to the best friend and she was so supportive of Emoni!

Amelia from Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

It could be argued that Amelia is more than a side character, as she plays an important role in the story and in Charlie’s growth. Charlie and Amelia go through ups and downs and are forced to have some difficult conversations. Their friendship felt so authentic and it was interesting to see how they came together to resolve their issues, even when they make mistakes.

Peekay from The Female of the Species

Another supportive friend!

Parvaneh from A Man Called Ove

I loved how Parvanesh forced Ove out of his shell without even realizing she was doing it! She just has the best energy!

Kitty from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I feel like this was an obvious choice, but Kitty is my favourite character in the entire series. She deserves her own book!

Jordan from You Should See Me in a Crown

Jordan is an interesting choice because he has a difficult past with Liz, the main character in You Should See Me in a Crown. They have hurt one another, but they are able to eventually work through it because of what they mean to one another. It was sweet and realistic! I appreciate books that touch on friendship breaks up.

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34 thoughts on “Side Characters Who Deserve More Love

  1. Even before I saw your blurb on Kitty I was going to comment that she needs her own book! 😂 I’m glad we’re on the same page, she was 100% my favourite character in that series!

  2. I have only read To All The Boys from this list, and Kitty was easily an awesome character! Several of these books are on my TBR, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great list! I had Angelica (and Malachi cos I couldn’t choose between them lol) on my list but I can’t believe I forgot about Maritza! Would definitely love to have a story about her 🙂 Great list!

  4. The best friend is usually one of my favorite characters. I live Kitty from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s like all the good relationships started with a a little “push” from her.

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