Stunning Book Cover Reveals (2022) (Part One)

We are just over halfway through 2021, and I already have 39 books on my 2022 list on Goodreads! I know I will talk about each of these more in depth later in the year, but I wanted to take a moment to show you some of the stunning covers that have been revealed for a few of the 2022 books that are on my radar. Many of the books coming out next year that I have my eye on do not have covers yet, but the ones that do are all striking and that makes me happy! When putting this post together I released just how many there were, so I am splitting this post into two parts!

One True Loves is Elise Bryant’s sophomore novel. I read her debut, Happily Ever Afters, in January and thought it was a lot of fun! As much as I loved the cover for her first book, I think I am drawn to this one even more. I just love the lilac cover and the polaroid makes me nostalgic. The covers are going to look so cute together and I believe they are companion novels!

The Genesis Wars is the sequel to The Infinity Courts, which is a book I read earlier this year and talk about all of the time. I just adore Akemi Dawn Bowman and the covers for this series are so striking. I love the colours and how they almost seem to glow! The leopard(?) is just so cool and I cannot wait to see how it becomes part of the story itself.

I noticed that a lot of the covers for 2022 have pastel colours and have a dreamlike quality to them. I love that trend! Axie Oh wrote XOXO, which is a new release that I want to get to soon and also has an adorable cover. While XOXO was contemporary, The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is a mythological retelling. I think this cover does an amazing job of capturing that vibe and I can only imagine how beautiful it is going to be in person!

Anne-Marie McLemore is an author who I adore and always want to read more from. The cover for Lakelore seems quite different from the ones for their other books, and that intrigues me! I was instantly drawn to the colours in the water and I am curious about the figures on the cover. There is something ethereal about them.

Sense and Second-Degree Murder is the sequel to Pride and Prejudice, which is a book I adored! These covers are gorgeous in person and I love all of the details. It really does look like stitching! I love the teal background on this cover and the poison is intriguing to me. I am also just a sucker for florals on a book cover!

How dreamy is the cover for So This is Ever After? F.T. Lukens had a book come out this year, In Deeper Waters, that also had a stunning cover. I just love the illustrations- there is something so romantic about them!

Do you see what I mean about pastel book covers!? I just love them! My jaw dropped when I saw the cover for A Magic Steeped in Poison. All I know about this book is that there is a tea-brewing competition. How cool does that sound!? It is also a duology, which I love. We need more duologies!

I have started paying more attention to taglines on books covers, and I love the one on Full Flight. It says, “He was the missing half of her duet”. It sounds very romantic and sweet. I love that their shirts have illustrations on them, and obviously there is a marching band in this book, which sounds like fun!

Only a Monster is the darkest cover on this list, but it instantly caught my attention. I love how red and black together and it also has such a great tagline! “In every story there is a hero and a monster. She is not the hero.” Love that! There is also some great detail if you look closely.

The cover for My Fine Fellow reminds me a lot of the one for Sense and Second-Degree Murder. I love that Victorian vibe! What makes this one so fun is all of the culinary elements. The corner designs are made up of forks, spoons, and knives and there are whisks along the sides. The tagline says, “A delicious entanglement”. Give me all the romances that center around food!

That is it for today! There are so many more that I want to show you, so look out for that soon. Which of these covers is your favourite?

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