Books That Made Me Want to Read Something Similar

Have you ever finished a book and thought that you wanted to read something just like it? This week’s TTT is all about books that you loved so much that they made you want to read something similar, either by the same author, the same topic, the same setting, etc.

The Ones We’re Meant to Find

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There is something about the atmosphere and the way that The Ones We’re Meant to Find made me feel that I would love find in another book. This book has so many of my buzzwords- it is Sci-Fi, centers around sisters, and is dual perspective. I don’t think I have read anything quite like it

The Secret History

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This is so cliché, but The Secret History is the book that made me fall in love with dark academia. I love the setting and the mystery and the pretentious characters! I am here for it all!

Plain Bad Heroines

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I picked up Plain Bad Heroines because it was being compared to The Secret History, but what things that I loved about this book were what set it apart from The Secret History, and I want more! I am drawn to books set in two different timelines and seeing how they come together. I love that this book was extremely sapphic, in both timelines. I also love books about celebrities and that take place on a movie set. Such a unique book and would love to find something similar!


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Circe is the book that truly ignited by love for Greek Mythology. I did read The Song of Achilles first, but Circe solidified it for me. I have since read in fallen in love with Greek myth retellings told from female perspectives. Some of my favourites are The Silence of the Girls and A Thousand Ships. There are so many more on my radar!


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Are the more books out there that center around the family of a famous figure? Because I need them!

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

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I have been exploring the horror genre more, and My Best Friend’s Exorcism made me realize I love campy horror. I am slowly reading all of Grady Hendrix’s books because they have that vibe, but I am on the lookout for other authors who write something similar!

The Rules of Magic

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The Rule of Magic is my favourite witchy book and I am always looking for similar books to this series. I love each of the books take place in different points throughout history and that they are all connected through a curse. There is a huge focus on family in this series. I have been recommended some books that are similar that I am hoping to get to this October!

The Pull of the Stars

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I was worried about reading a pandemic book during the pandemic, but The Pull of the Stars had me looking for similar books that don’t shy away from the horrors of a pandemic while also being hopeful!

Be Not Far From Me

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I didn’t think I was a fan of survival stories, but Be Not Far From Me changed my mind! Are there any similar YA survival stories that I need to put on my radar?

The Essex Serpent

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The Essex Serpent made me fall in love with Gothic literature, and it is a genre I have been exploring more and more. I don’t think I would have picked up The Doll Factory, which is one of my favourite books, if I had not read The Essex Serpent. Love the vibes!

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43 thoughts on “Books That Made Me Want to Read Something Similar

  1. Great list! I really want to cross Hamnet and Plain Bad Heroines off my TBR, and Grady Hendrix is an author I want to read more from, too. I’ve heard such good things about The Ones We’re Meant to Find!

  2. I just got a copy of The Secret History, so I’m excited to see it on this list! Also want to read The Ones We’re Meant to Find!

  3. Great list!
    I loved The Essex Serpent too, and I have a copy of The Doll Factory but haven’t read it yet.
    I really fancy reading The Secret History and Plain Bad Heroines as well, I like dark academia but don’t seem to have read very much of it so far.

  4. Oh wow I need to read Be Not Far From Me like…yesterday. I love stories like this! The first one that comes to mind is I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall. There’s a similar element in the latter half of The Distance From me to You by Marina Gessner, too, though that’s predominantly a hiking + romance story.–RS

  5. Great list. Would love to check them out.
    Whenever I read a mystery book, I just feel like reading another mystery book that’s a lot similar!!

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