Removing Books From My Goodreads TBR

I just removed a ton of books from my Goodreads TBR- something like 200 books! I still have a ridiculous number of books on there, but it was refreshing to remove books I am no longer interested in. Obviously, I am not going to share all of the books, but I thought I would talk about a few of them!

I removed all of V.E. Schwab’s books from my TBR! I have said this a few times recently, but I love the premises of her books but just don’t connect with the writing.

The Nix has been on my TBR for so long! While it has great reviews, I just don’t see myself ever picking it up at this point.

I also removed all of Jojo Moyes’ books from my TBR. Just not for me anymore!

I don’t know what it is but there is nothing about I’ll Meet You There that is calling out to me anymore. A lot of the books I removed were ones I was excited about at the time but now have little interest in.

is one I debated about, but there are so many other SciFi series that I want to read/finish. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one though!

You will see that I removed a lot of first books in series, like Soulless and Vengeance Road. I am just in the middle of too many series as it is!

I wish I had read Eliza and Her Monsters when it first came out and was really popular!

If There’s No Tomorrow and Alex, Approximately are both contemporary YA romances that I am no longer interested in reading.

Want is another book I debated about, but as I have said I have a lot of SciFi I want to read and it is the start to another series!

Hunting Prince Dracula is the sequel to Stalking Jack the Ripper, and this is a series I decided recently to give up on!

I have tried to read The Hazel Wood a few times but couldn’t get into it!

The Power was popular for awhile but then I heard a ton of mixed reviews for it!

I really enjoyed Misquitoland by David Arnold and was excited for The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hyponotik, but that excited has waned for some reason!

I am not sure why I ever added The Shape of Water to my TBR! It does not seem like my kind of book.

I have heard mixed things about The Silent Patient and the ending has been spoiled for me, so there is no point in reading it now! I am curious about his new book though!

People I know who have similar reading tastes to me have not enjoyed Wilder Girls, so I figured I would skip it!

I am perfectly happy with thinking of Bird Box as a standalone!

Christina Lauren’s books are hit or miss for me, and The Honey Don’t List seemed to be a miss for a lot of readers!

As you can see, this is just a small sample of the books that I removed from my Goodreads TBR! I want to go through it again in a few weeks and see if there are even more books I can get rid of as it is overwhelming!

What are you currently reading?

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33 thoughts on “Removing Books From My Goodreads TBR

  1. I second The silent patient decision, I read that book and honestly , when lines were drawn, I didn’t get anything from it. It even annoyed me a bit with the way he went about mentally ill patients. I also have removed Naomi Alderman’s book from my TBR some time ago.. for some reason it simply wasn’t appealing

  2. Oh, I am sorry to see If There’s No Tomorrow to be removed, as it’s such a lovely books focussing on mental health and trauma as well. I hope you pick it up again someday!

  3. Wow–I recently culled 3 of the same books! LOL. I have over 1000 on my Goodreads TBR because I can’t remember titles when I need them. Pretty much if I can’t get fiction in audio it doesn’t get read right now–so I culled some older pages of my TBR for those as well as ones I just couldn’t remember or that I was pretty sure I’d never get to.

    1. It is funny because I am sort of the same way about audiobooks. I am more likely to pick something up if it is on Scribd because I like to go back and forth between the audiobook and the physical book if I can!

  4. I did this recently too! Went from 600+ books in my TBR to 350 (but now its up to 387 hahaha). Culled mostly YA. (I always pick up interesting sounding YA books thinking that for sure I am going to love it and then I never do, so I figured I might as well cull most of them and keep only the ones that really do sound too interesting to pass up.)

  5. TBR culling is brutal — 200 books is seriously impressive! Though I have to say that Defy the Stars is amazing. The rest of the trilogy isn’t as good, in my opinion, but the first book is one of my all-time favorites 🤩 I’m sad to see it on this list but I hope you get to pick it up someday!

      1. I think it could definitely work as a standalone! Most of the loose ends are resolved by the end, if I’m remembering correctly. The ending sets things up for the next book, but it’s not like a cliffhanger or anything.

  6. I seem to have the opposite problem with V.E. Schwab. I like her writing (mostly), but not her stories. I really disliked The Archived. I also gave up on ever trying to read that JLA book. I used to love her books, but I’ve decided they’re not for me anymore. Fun post!

  7. 200 is seriously impressive! Agree with Jojo Moyes as the stories are not for me anymore and good call with The Honey Don’t List as I personally was not a fan compared to the other novels. 🙂

  8. Not long ago, I decided I’d just remove any book on my TBR that I didn’t have on my Kindle or didn’t have on my shelf. That’s it… those are the only ones I have there. Mind you, I have a whole lot of books on my shelves that aren’t on my TBR list, but I’ll get to them, eventually.

  9. Ow, I am so sorry the silent patient was spoiled for you! It is a really great book. But I have a feeling the new one will be even better!

  10. Ah Vengeance Road is so good though! Its such a fun read. And it’s technically a standalone – Retribution Rails is a companion novel with all new characters. (me casually trying to convince you to re-add it lol) The Silent Patient was kinda stupid anyways so you’re not missing out, especially if it was spoiled.

  11. I just removed a bunch as well! Probably 50, I’m guessing. Or at least close to it. It’s kind of a relief. There were some books that I was on the fence about, but decided to delete them anyway. If I read them, great. If not, also great.

  12. I used to do this regularly but I haven’t done this in a while so my Goodreads TBR has grown out of control hahaha! I think I would removed a lot of contemporary as in general I didn’t read a lot of them, but I do add a lot of them to the TBR due to the hype :/

  13. Oh my gosh! But the Shape of Water was so good!! Lol! The movie was great as well, but yea, sometime I add books to my TBR and later wonder why because it’s a genre or type of book I’d never gravitate to.

  14. It’s refreshing to clear old interests to make way for new. You neglected to list one book that you said you wanted our opinion on. Was wondering which book it was.

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