Weekly Roundup

I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ weekly updates, so I thought I would start sharing mine as well! I will talk about the books that I read during the week and the BookTube videos that I posted, and I will also share some of my favourite blog posts that I came across throughout the week!

Books Read

Book Cover

I enjoyed the illustrations in this graphic novel and as a lover of Greek myths I am happy to have it on my shelves! That said, something about the actual writing felt a little stilted, but I think it is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into Greek myths or who wants to read retellings but is unfamiliar with the source material!

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HarperCollins was kind enough to send me an ARC of The Secret Keep of Jaipur, which is the sequel to The Henna Artist. I have had The Henna Artist on my shelves for years, so I am glad that this pushed me into finally picking it up. I loved the atmosphere and the history, but the pacing was a little off for me. I think I wanted more! However, I did enjoy it overall and it reminded me why I loved historical fiction. I have a feeling the sequel is going to work better for me because I adored Malik, the character who we follow in the second book! Looking forward to it!

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Pride and Premeditation was exactly the kind of book that I needed in this moment! It was so fun to read about all of the characters I am so familiar with in Pride and Prejudice. They felt so true to themselves! It makes me want to read more cozy mysteries. I cannot wait for the next book in this series, which is a Sense and Sensibility retelling.

My BookTube Videos

I love this Try a Chapter tag! I am realizing how much you can tell about a book in the first chapter!

I decided to unhaul a few books I had sitting in storage! Why was I keeping them?!

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  1. I like the try a Chapter tag also I just donated a whole bunch of books, some I didn’t finish and really had to ask myself why I was keeping. Haha, but I’m redoing the floors in my house so I’ve had to move my books and that’s what made me realize…do I need all these that I don’t like? Great job on the videos!

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