Book Unhaul

I have always wanted my shelves to be a reflection of me and my reading taste. I want every book on there to be one I loved or learned something from. That is why I am slowly going through the books I own and decided which ones I no longer need in my life. I have made only a small dent so far, but I wanted to share with you the ones I will be donating to better homes. Some of these I have read and others I have not.

I will start with the two I talked about in my last post, which was a Try a Chapter tag. I read the first chapter of both Alex, Approximately and The Farm and decided they were not for me.

Leah and the Offbeat was a book I was excited about because I liked Leah in Simon and the Homo Sapiens’ Agenda, but every review I have read has said that Leah is unlikeable in this one. I now can’t see myself ever picking it up!

Group is often compared to Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which is a book I adore and recommend all of the time. However, I remember that people had some issues with Group when it first came out and it stopped me from reading it. I have an ARC, so I feel bad not reading it, but I think it is best for me to pass it on.

Big Summer is just not a book I see myself ever prioritizing and I have the perfect person I can pass it on to!

The rest of the books are ones I have read!

I am donating three of Jojo Moyes’ books (Me Before You, Paris for One, and The Girl Left Behind)- they just aren’t my thing anymore and I know someone who will love them.

I love speculative fiction and the premise of Wolf by Wolf was great, but I have realized I don’t enjoy books about races or road trips or cars in any way. I don’t know what it is! This book was okay and I gave it three stars, but it is not one I think about or can see myself recommending in the future.

I was surprised to find I still had Carry On, as I had donated all of Rainbow Rowell’s books already. I think I was just reluctant to give this one up because I love the cover so much, but I really didn’t enjoy the book!

The Lovely Bones is a book I know so many of us read! It broke my heart when I read it years ago and I don’t think it is one I would ever pick up again.

I bought Bachelor Nation back when I actually watched The Bachelor and thought I would get some juicy behind the scenes information, but it didn’t deliver. I also don’t watch the show anymore, so there is no sense in keeping it!

It is sad for me to donate How to Stop Time because I adore Matt Haig, but it just did not work for me. I think it is so difficult for a time travel novel to stand out!

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13 thoughts on “Book Unhaul

  1. You made the right choices. I’m still keeping The Farm, but you know what? I doubt I’ll ever get to it. It was a kindle sale impulse buy. Most such languish. JoJo Moyes WAS a must-read for me until the plagiarism thing. Now I’m not as sure. I still love several of her books though.

      1. Yes. I had read in the local press that JoJo was visiting in Kentucky for something like 2 weeks. I though “How is that going to work?” How could she hope to capture the dialect and manners and all in two weeks? The plagiarism WAS very minor, but once again two books on the exact same subject came out at the same time. That always makes me smell a rat. I even did a post on that problem. I suspect unethical agents but as I am looking for an agent I’m not really saying that too loudly, lol.

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