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Happy Easter everyone!


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If you love multi-generational family sagas like I do, you need to read You Bring the Distant Near. This was one of the first ARCs I ever received and I really loved it. I am so surprised that it didn’t get more attention and no one talks about it!

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I am so surprised that Honey Girl is Morgan Rogers’ debut novel because it is so beautifully written and nuanced. I pulled so many quotes from it and loved our main character. I cannot wait to see what Rogers writes next!

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As of writing this post I am in the middle of Jade City, but I am sure I will be done by the time this is posted. I am loving this book and savouring it. The world building in here is everything and I am slowly becoming attached to all of the characters! I am so glad that this is a series because I know I am going to need more!

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I am glad that I bought Echo North for $4 because I ended up not liking it very much!

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I always chose Quiet for questions like this one but it really did make me look at myself and my introversion in a more positive way!

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It has been a long time since a book surprised me as much as The Infinity Courts did!

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