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I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ weekly updates, so I thought I would start sharing mine as well! I will talk about the books that I read during the week and the BookTube videos that I posted, and I will also share some of my favourite blog posts that I came across throughout the week!

Books Read

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I have now read every one of Tiffany D Jackson’s books, and dare I say that Monday’s Not Coming is my favourite? This is one of those books that affected me emotional in a way I wasn’t prepared for, which is saying a lot because all of Jackson’s books are tough reads. I vlogged myself reading this one and could feel myself getting emotional talking about it. So powerful!

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I just adored Jenny Lawson. She has this unique way of bringing humour to difficult subjects. I highly recommend listening to all of her memoirs on audio, as she narrates them and is hilarious! There was one essay in here where she talked directly to her insurance company, and I think that essay alone makes this book worth reading. I also liked that the epilogue was about her experience with quarantine- it was so interesting and topical!

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I picked up The Good Sister thinking it would be a fun thriller that would help me get over the devastation of Monday’s Not Coming, but that is not at all what happened here. I became so deeply invested in one of the sisters, Fern, that I wanted only good things for her but knew that this was a thriller. I will say, most of the book reads more like litfic or a slice of life story, which I loved! There is also a great love story in here!

Both Broken and The Good Sister were sent to me thanks to Libro.fm and both come out April 6th. I obviously recommend them both!

My BookTube Videos

I participated in the Bookoplathon hosted by Becca and the books, and I had so much fun! I managed to read around 1000 pages over the course of 48 hours, and I vlogged my experience!

In this video I talked about all of the April releases that I am excited about. I also wrote a blog post!

If you want to hear more of my thoughts on Monday’s Not Coming, this is the video to watch!

Favourite Blog Posts

Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners put together book recommendations based on the tarot card you choose! Such a fun idea!

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction recommends books based on your favourite teas! I loved this idea, and I am a chai person myself!

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  1. I read Monday’s Not Coming because my name is Monday. I really enjoyed the emotional impact of it, but the timeline kept confusing me.

  2. I enjoyed Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, so I’m definitely interested in checking out Broken. Looks like you had some good reads!

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