All My Editions of Pride and Prejudice

It is no secret that Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books. Everyone in my real life is also aware of this fact, so I am often gifted different editions, which I so appreciate and absolutely love. I have also purchased a few of these myself and found many of them at Winner’s/Home Sense. I currently have eleven editions, so I figured it was about time that I share them with you! Check out my YouTube video if you want to see all of these in more detail!

Classic Moments from Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Jocelyn Kao

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Published by Ice House Books

This edition is a small collection of excerpts from the novel and includes some stunning illustrations. It is the perfect little book if you are as big of a fan of Pride and Prejudice as I am!

A BabyLit Storybook

This is a children’s edition of Pride and Prejudice, and it is the cutest thing!

Chiltern Classics Edition

I absolutely love these editions! I also have the The Great Gatsby one and have been eyeing Jane Eyre. These editions are more compact and the cover is really shiny and striking in person. I also adore the silver gilded edges!

Arcturus Publishing

I actually had to take a photo of this edition myself because I could not find it anywhere online! It is a bit of a mystery, especially since I also have Wuthering Heights and Lady Chatterley’s Lovers in these editions. Anyways, they are beautiful and I love the small size of the them. They also have gilded edges in silver!

Classics Reimagined illustrated by Alice Pattullo

The last time I read Pride and Prejudice, this was the edition that I picked up. The illustrations throughout are absolutely gorgeous and really added to the reading experience. The edges are painted a light blue to match the cover. My edition is paperback, but the hardcover is also stunning and one I have been eyeing for ages.

Word Cloud Classics

I have a few of these Word Cloud editions and they are really unique! I think the one for Pride and Prejudice is my favourite because I love the hot pink colour that they chose. The end pages are also stunning!

Paper Mill Classics

Again, I love the design of this edition. The font is foiled in person and is really pretty. I can normally find these at Home Sense for a good price!

Penguin Clothbound Editions

These editions must be my all time favourites! I love the way they all look together, so I am slowly collecting them.

Canterbury Classics

This is a leather-bound bind up of four of Jane Austen’s novels, including Pride and Prejudice. It has edges gilded in gold and the end pages are stunning!

Seasons Edition- Winter

I absolutely adore these Season editions from Thomas Nelson. The cover is laser-cut, and there are limited print runs. They release four new ones every season, and they are all beautiful. I also have Persuasion from the Summer editions and I know that the Spring ones came out recently and there is an Emma edition!

A Book-to-Table Classic

This edition is actually the full novel with recipes from Martha Stewart interspersed throughout! I love the idea of that, and this is a great reminder to try one of the recipes. Maybe I will post about that in the future!

That’s it! Do you have any of these or an edition that I need to track down? Do you collect multiple editions of any books?

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25 thoughts on “All My Editions of Pride and Prejudice

  1. Oh wow! The Chiltern Classics edition is gorgeous <3 also the A Book-to-Table Classic the colorsss!!!! I own the audio 😀 as for the physical I have is the Classic Lines edition which is this soft pink and white with Elizabeth on the cover – stunning!

  2. This is definitely a good book to collect — so many beautiful variations. That Canterbury Classics edition, however, is something else 😍

  3. Wow, every single one of these is gorgeous!! I have the Word Cloud Classic edition of Little Women and it is one of my favorites! The cover is bright orange and I can always find it when I look at my bookshelf 😀

  4. oh my god these are the prettiest covers ever. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite books too but I only own two copies! Hoping to slowly increase the collection. Oh my the last one is definitely my favorite I love how beautiful the artwork is

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