What is Abibliophobia?

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The topic for this week introduced me to a term I had never heard of before, and that is abibliophobia, which is the fear of running out of reading material.

Do you have abibliophobia?

I would say that I don’t, and there is a level of privilege that comes with that. As you may have seen from previous posts, I have two TBR carts. I am also from Canada, so I have access to a library. There has never been a time where I worried that I couldn’t get my hands on a book, which is not the case for many people around the world. That is an entirely differently conversation, but I thought it was important to acknowledge.

 Do you have multiple TBRs?

I do! My physical TBR is much different from the one I have on Goodreads. I put more thought into the books that I purchase, but I am constantly adding books to my Goodreads one. This is a great reminder that I have to continue my series where I remove books from my Goodreads “want to read” list. I also want to create a shelf on Goodreads of the books that are on my physical TBR, but that just seems extremely time-consuming!

Do you add books to your TBR to keep it big, or is it a place where you keep books that seem interesting?

I actually wish both of my TBRs were smaller! I am someone who can become overwhelmed when I have too many choices. Before I starting blogging, I never had more that 5-10 physical books on myTBR, but that has definitely changed. Most of the books that I own are ones I have researched before purchasing or I found them for a good price/for free.

My Goodreads TBR is a place where I add any book that piques my interest in the slightest. I come across so many new books in a day, so it is easy to just click that “Want to Read” button so I can refer to it later.

Do you have abibliophobia? How do you keep track of the books you want to read?

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35 thoughts on “What is Abibliophobia?

  1. My physical TBR is veryyy different from my goodreads one, too. On goodreads I add every book that seems interesting to me so it’s way too big 😂

      1. Right???? Some books I added AGES ago and I don’t even remember why 😂 I often try and remove books that don’t interest me anymore but there are so many 🙈

  2. I add books to my Goodreads TBR almost daily, and it’s gotten massive! My physical TBR is fairly large as well…over 600 books, give or take. But I’m reading a lot of them, so I’m happy. More books for me to read!

  3. This genuinely is never something I have feared as I also have access to a library as well as constant 99p kindle deals, charity shops and an addiction to buying books whenever I see them on sale and so I do think I have access to more books than I could ever actually read in my lifetime. It makes me sad this is not to case for a lot of people.

  4. Wow Kristen, thanks for privilege check on the abibliophobia! I’m also from Canada, and it really is a true privilege to be able to have access to books almost anytime, anywhere. It’s great to step back for a moment and appreciate that, since not everyone has this kind of access. Thanks for the great post!

    Feel free to check out my own response here:

  5. I feel like everyone who does this post learned a new word this week!
    There are so many amazing sounding books out there, I don´t feel like I will every run out of something to read! And libraries, charity shops and apps like Scribd really help!


  6. This is great! I only add books to Goodreads if I own them. I add books to my Amazon wishlist if they are released and I have a countdown app for ones that aren’t yet released!!!!

  7. I, too, have several Mt. TBR to climb. I have books on my shelves; I have books on my Kindle: and I have books on my Nook. I counted them prior to the start of the year and there were well over 1500 books.In the meantime, I have added a few through various means. I also live within a block of our local library, which is part of a library system that allows for getting books from the 40+ branches. I know that I probably won’t get all of them read in my lifetime, but I have decided to try to read only those books that I own this year except for the library book group reads that I don’t own. So far so good, but I have friends who are all too willing to share…so right now, for every one I receive from friends, two have to be read and given away. If I can only read 100 a year for the next 16 years, I may reach a point where I will can fill up my shelves again.

    I figure those books that I have marked to-read at Goodreads were marked because of interest at some time. If I get some of them read along the way, so much the better.

    And there are those authors whose books I will read no matter when they are published, and that will screw up the possibility of ever clearing the shelves. Alas… ~nan

  8. I think I only have the fear of not finding my next great read! (Usually due to a book hangover!) My goodreads TBR is just a shopping list of possibilities….I no longer have a physical tbr. I do keep a smaller more intentional TBR in the notes section on my iPad!

  9. My tbr is stored in multiple places, good books, calendar reminders, notes! I must have 40 odd books/ series to get around to reading! And I would still say I fear running out of books to read!

  10. Wow, really interesting post. Abibliophobia is not something I had heard of before. I don’t think I do have it, but I think I have a fear of having too many books to read in my life and not enough time!

  11. wow I never knew fear of running out of reading material existed. you learn something new everyday!! did you know that fear of failure has a similar name? It’s called atychiphobia (if I recall correctly, which I might not be loool). I loved this post sm :))

  12. I really would like to get a digital device to read books on! My phone is just not big enough for me to read off of. I don’t have regular access to books. I try and buy them from thrift stores when I see them. I have only about 30 books in my collection

  13. I love the idea of using Goodreads as a to-be-read pile! I’ve gotten into the bad habit of immediately going to Thriftbooks every time I encounter a book (or research subject!) I’d like to read, and that’s not remotely sustainable. But instead of worrying that I’ll forget a book that looks good, Goodreads in a brilliant option. I’ll have to try it!

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