Removing Books From My TBR #2 (Blogmas Day Two)

I posted part one to this series a couple months ago, and I have been so distracted by other things that I haven’t continued on with it. My Goodreads TBR list continues to be much too long, so I am happy to remove a few more books I am no longer interested in. Of course, I could be convinced to leave them on if you think any of these are worth reading!

I started this journey with over 1000 books on my Goodreads TBR, so I will be curious to see how low I can get that number. The thing is, I am constantly adding new titles to that list! It will just be nice to know that every book on that shelf is one I actually want to read.

Leviathan sounds interesting but it is over ten years old at this point and I have probably had it on my TBR for that long. I have had all of Scott Westerfeld’s books on my TBR at some point, but I have never actually read anything by him.

The premise of The Book Jumper intrigues me, but I have read so many mixed reviews. Something about it reminds me of the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, which is a series I love and I will just stick with that one.

I have discovered that I am very particular about the kind of fantasy I enjoy, so I just do not think that The Winner’s Curse would work for me.

I love books set in Italy, but contemporary YA romance isn’t really my thing anymore, so that is why I removed Hot Italian Summer from my list.

Roar got a lot of buzz when it first came out, but I do not see anyone talk about it anymore. I have so much YA fantasy on my list that this one is not a priority for me.

I loved The Martian and I am excited for Andy Weir’s new book to come out next year, but I am going to pass on Artemis. There are too many mixed reviews and I just not compelled to pick it up.

I read the first book in the DC Icon series and thought it was fun, but I am just not invested enough in the DC universe to want to continue on with it.

Phantom Limbs is one I could probably be persuaded to keep on my list. I honestly don’t know much about it!

I was extremely interested in Red Clocks when it first came out, but I have had a few friends tell me it is not worth reading.

Emergency Contact sounds like a sweet read, but it takes a lot for me to be interesting in a YA romance!

I tried to read Toil & Trouble and I just was not connecting with any of the stories. I loved the idea of the collection, but it wasn’t working for me.

There are so many of these historical fiction novels that have these same covers of women’s backs! The Atomic City Girls has mixed reviews and I have read so much WWII historical fiction at this point that I am more selective about the ones I read.

Let me know your thoughts on these books and whether or not I made a mistake removing them from my TBR!

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25 thoughts on “Removing Books From My TBR #2 (Blogmas Day Two)

  1. I adored the concept of Toil and Trouble but it wasn’t really a book for me either. In fact, I unhauled it a couple of weeks ago because I didn’t see myself reading more of the stories.

  2. I find it so therapeutic to cut down on my tbr list. Sadly, some of the books on the list are of books I own and am no longer interested in, but I’ve not got the time and shelf space to go through them all. I’m sad to see The Winner’s Curse on the list, cause it’s one of my favourites, but it’s definitely one book you have to be in the mood for.

  3. I used to go through and get rid of books on my tbr and sometimes I do but it’s so hard to let go! haha

  4. I haven’t read any of these, but a couple have been on my TBR at one point or another and have since been removed. I actually did a major purge a couple days ago and my TBR is the lowest number it’s ever been.

  5. Great idea – I need to do a serious purge of my TBR. I finally gave away my copy of Leviathan a couple of years ago after owning it for ages and never touching it. I’ve read Red Clocks and Artemis, don’t think you’re particularly missing out on either. Your comments about Atomic Girls made me laugh — historical fiction with women’s backs is such a thing, and I don’t know why, but it makes them all look the same.

  6. Mary HK Choi is amazing so you should keep her haha. That said, I am 100% for clearing out your TBR. Our interests are evolving constantly so there’s no point keeping a list for a version of yourself that isn’t true anymore. Also at a certain point it just becomes stressful to look at, doesn’t it? 😂

  7. I think you are missing out by removing Leviathan. I loved it! The artwork in it is pretty amazing and I loved the steampunk/alternate reality story. I would read it all again.

  8. I have unhauled all of my Scott Westerfield books without reading any of them!! That’s a total mood.
    I wouldn’t call Emergency Contact a romance though – it’s more about mental health, coping mechanisms and finding someone you can confide all of your fears in without judgement. But I also acknowledge that it’s not for everyone. I loved it, but one of my friends thought it was only ok.
    Hope you’re well, and sorry I haven’t been around for a while!! xx

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