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As a book lover, I know that the people in my life are reluctant to buy me books because they don’t know my tastes or what I have already read, which I completely understand. That is why I thought it would be fun to put together a list of non-book gifts that would be perfect for book lovers. Hopefully this list will give you ideas of what to buy the readers in your life or even what to treat yourself to!

Candles + Accessories

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There is something about books and candles that goes hand-in-hand. A basket of candles and candle accessories would make for a great gift for just about anyone, but especially book lovers! I have included five items to give you an idea of the options are are out there. I personally own both of these candles, and adore them. The Bookstore candle from Frostbeard is the perfect mix of old books and coffee- you have to smell it for yourself! The Jane Austen candle from Paddywax Library is a beautiful and soft scent, and it is just one of the many candles that they have. I have my eye on the Shakespeare one! Many candles do not come with a lid, which means they can get very dusty, so a candle cloche is the perfect solution. They also just look really pretty. Everyone needs a good wick trimmer, and this pair is stunning. A USB lighter might seem like a random gift, but trust me it is a game changer.

Book Sleeves

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Book sleeves are a great way to protect books, but they are also perfect for readers who use Kindles. There are so many small business out there that are making these sleeves, and this is a great way to support them. Every business uses unique prints and patterns, so you are bound to find the perfect one for your giftee. Also, if you are Canadian, Indigo has some cute ones!

Bookish Apparel

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Bookish apparel is another great option! There are many version of these socks, and some companies even have an option to customize them to say whatever you want. If you type “bookish shirts” into Etsy, you will find so many cute options. I was actually gifted a very similar scarf that has a chapter from Pride and Prejudice printed on it, and I love it!

A Reading Journal

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Most readers who I know love tracking their reading and appreciate a well-designed reading journal. There are so many stunning reading journals out there, and at varying price points. There are even digital trackers that you can purchase if your giftee is more of a tablet/computer user. I love the one from Sarah’s Bookshelves, but there are many on Etsy as well.


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2020 is the year of the puzzle, and this one from Uncommon Goods is one of the cutest ones I have seen! If your giftee is an audiobook listener, a Libro fm subscription is a great option. This book-shaped tea infuser is one of my favourite products and I use it all the time. Every reader needs a reading light, and I love this one that goes around your neck.


I hope that you found this post helpful. I had so much fun coming up with different ideas!

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32 thoughts on “Gifts for Book Lovers

  1. These are such cute gift ideas. There’s something so comforting about candles that make them ideal gifts for readers, especially if you can find ones inspired by their favourite book. That cat book sleeve is absolutely adorable. I would literally just buy that for myself haha.

  2. These are so cute thanks for sharing! I love candles in the winter and I love those wordy printed scarves! I’ve been meaning to get one for a while. I did snatch up a book themed clutch this year that I adore. I haven’t been using my kindle as much (I have an old second generation one) but I do have an ugly camo sleeve for it!

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