My Current Top Five Distractions.

Top Five Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful Shanah at Bionic Book Worm.

I appreciate this week’s topic because I am constantly looking for new distractions and ways to keep myself entertained and productive.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game ...

This games brings me so much nostalgia. I put a lot of hours into the original version on GameCube and I have bought all of the subsequent versions. New Horizons could not have come out at a better time. There is so calming and tranquil about the game that makes for a great distraction. What I love is that you can play for as little or as long as you need! Anyone else play- let’s be friends!


Lost | Lostpedia | Fandom

Lost may be a strange show to be watching right now, but I am rewatching it for the third time and I am reminded just how great it is. There is a lot going on and it always has my mind going, which makes it a great distraction. Also, seeing Boone (Ian Somerhalder) makes me want to watch The Vampires Diaries again, so that might just be my next show. There is something about returning to old favourite shows that is comforting!


Copy Editing Guide: What is Copy Editing for Authors

I have recently started freelance copy editing and it is going better than I ever expected. I think that is in large part thanks to this blog and the experience I have gained from posting four to five times a week for almost three years! I was actually hired to write a literary analysis of Little Fires Everywhere, which will be published on Amazon. I will leave a link once that is posted! I have also been editing blog posts for businesses and I am currently editing a nonfiction manuscript. Every day is unique and interesting!


I have always been in to Instagram, but I find myself on there now more than ever. The bookstagram community feels like a safe space for me. Everyone there is very supportive (much like the blogging community!) and I will never get tired of talking about books and reading.

LEGO LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk Building Kit (1,070 ...

I have never been someone who played with LEGO or put together LEGO sets, but my best friend bought me a Central Perk LEGO set for Christmas and I figured that now is the time to put it together. It was absolutely adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting it together. I feel like it is a great mental exercise and is so satisfying. I have been eyeing some of the Harry Potter sets!

I hope that you all are well and hanging in there!

40 thoughts on “My Current Top Five Distractions.

  1. Who would have thought that Central Perk lego was a thing haha! Glad to see that you are keeping busy – its lovely to have fun distractions to keep our minds busy whilst stuck indoors!

  2. Congrats on your editing/reviewing work! Love this idea for a list, I’m always up for new distractions. Maybe I’ll actually finish watching Lost now, your third rewatch putting me to shame lol

  3. Your freelance copy editing adventures sound like a lot of fun! I’m so glad it’s going well for you. I didn’t know you could have so much variety with it!

    Also, LOST is excellent. 🙂

  4. I’ve seen so many people play animal crossing at the moment and I’m really jealous won’t lie – but watching people’s livestreams is helping some!
    Instagram is definitely a distraction – but I’m trying to not spend too much time on it!

  5. Animal Crossing sure has all the hype in my house too! It’s so relaxing! Sadly, we don’t have the new one…yet!! Stay safe! 😉

  6. Oh, boy, Animal Crossing! I loooooved that game and completely addicted and played the game on my Nintendo DS all day long… yes, it serves as quite a distraction and surely entertain you, Kristin! Are you all well? Stay safe, please!

  7. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing too! Such a good escape. Also, I miss Lost. A rewatch actually sounds quite good right now.


    *done freaking out* I really want Animal Crossing — I might start going on the hunt for a switch even though I shouldn’t ha-ha! I’ve also been upping my Instagram game. It’s easier when I’m home to take photos ha-ha!

    I’m glad you are finding fun things to keep you busy and glad to hear you seem to be doing okay!

  9. Catching up on all the other T5T posts, better late than never, eh?! 😉
    I’m glad Shanah is doing these topics this month, we all need some happy distractions at the moment. My youngest loved playing Animal Crossing on her 3DS and has completed everything possible (both girls are asking for a Switch for Xmas – we’ll see) I’m enjoying all the extra reading time and love having my family home. I don’t feel as productive as many people, how did you get into copyediting?
    Stay safe & healthy. x

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