Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

I had such a great time looking back and coming up with ideas for this post. I didn’t realize just how many bookish discoveries I made last year! I decided to share a little bit of everything from a bookish podcast to a mug.

From the Front Porch Podcast

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I am always on the hunt for new bookish podcast and there are quite a few that I love. Most I have been listening to for a couple years, but From the Front Porch was a recent discovery and I adore it. I love how relaxed it feels and Annie and Chris have such a great dynamic. It is also interesting to hear about the book world from an independent bookstore owner.

Book Sleeves- Happygolovelysleeves

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Trust me- book sleeves are a game changer. I do not know how I ever traveled with a book without a book sleeve. It protects the book and they are just so damn pretty! I met Rachel from Happygolovelybooksleeves on Bookstagram and she is incredible. She is such a hard worker and has turned her book sleeve business into her full time career. I love supporting people like her!

Demeter Paperback Cologne Spray

This cologne was actually a Christmas present from my brother and his girlfriend, and I have worn it every day since. Everything about the scent is perfect for me. I love unisex scents and something that is a little bit musty- this certainly delivers. I totally get that paperback scent from it as well!

How to Train Your Gavin Booktube Channel

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Gavin has quickly become my favourite booktuber, even though our reading tastes are vastly different. He reads a lot of middle grade and has made me curious about exploring them more. What I love about Gavin is his energy. He does not take himself too seriously and he is always good for a laugh. His introductions are the best and his love for Frozen is contagious- he actually wore an Elsa costume when he went to see Frozen II.


I have had a bookstagram account for a couple years now, but I did not start to fully embrace it until last summer. I have fully committed to it now and I am having so much fun with it. I have met a lot of great people and joined quite a few book clubs. I just love the bookish community so much!

Kate Spade Great Gatsby Mug

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How adorable is this Great Gatsby mug? I am always down for a cute mug, especially if it is bookish. This is by far the best mug I added to my collection in 2019. I actually have it sitting on my bookshelves next to my classics and it makes me happy.

The Seasons Editions

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I discovered my favourite classic editions in 2019 and I am truly obsessed with them. They are limited edition and only print 10,000 copies. They seem to be released seasonally and I cannot wait to get my hands on the summer editions. I am particularly excited about Jane Eyre and Persuasion!

Always Fully Booked Planner

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I have used Goodreads to track my reading since 2010, but I have always loved the idea of having a reading journal of some kind. I discovered the Always Full Booked journal in 2019 and it is fantastic. I love that it includes reading challenges and sections to write book reviews. I am having so much fun with it!

The Stripe Blog

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This is a little bit different because Grace from The Stripe talks about everything from skincare to books. This is the only blog I follow that doesn’t exclusively talk about books, but I love to see what she is reading and she does have passions for books. I also love her podcast, Bad on Paper.

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Full disclosure, sends me free audiobooks in exchange for honest reviews, but I just adore them as a company. They really embrace independent bookstores and are doing so much good work to support them. It is a lot like Audible, except your money goes to a bookstore of your choosing- just awesome!


39 thoughts on “Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

  1. Oh my gosh I literally just posted a picture of my Season Edition classics on my bookstagram account today! Not a lot of people are aware of them, but I can’t believe how gorgeous they are! Made me smile seeing them on your list! I’m also totally with you on book sleeves. My collection definitely grew in 2019, but they’re such game changers. =D Love your list!

    i struggled with bookish discoveries this week so I went a totally different route. Feel free to check it out here:

      1. Aw, thanks love! They’re truly stunning. I can’t wait for the summer editions. Did you know the jackets are going to be light blue instead of white? I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

      2. That’s why I’m torn. I totally understand the justification for changing colors with the seasons (and I guess you’ll always know which books came in which set), but the white is so pretty. And I want them all to match along my shelves.

        I faux complain, but I know I’ll be buying these anyways…lol

  2. THIS IS AN AMAZING POST! i love this idea so much! I’m glad you joined bookstagram! It’s nice to see some familiar faces on there! I just discovered a few bookish places too! I may have to copy your post and do one for bookish items AND for bullet journal items ha-ha! Totally sharing this at the end of the month!


  3. Oh my gosh! There are so many things in the post I plan to check out.
    I just discovered book sleeves a few days ago. A friend told me about Book Beau and as soon as I went on their website, I bought one. They are so cute! And I needed something to protect my books when they’re in my purse.

  4. Ooh, so many cool things to check out! I think I need to get some book sleeves ASAP. 🙂 And those Seasons books are gorgeous!

  5. I have enjoyed From the Front Porch too….unfortunately Chris will not be with the podcast any longer. Not much of an explanation…it was sudden and it seems that he was fired. We’ll see how Annie reinvents the podcast for 2020.

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