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I have seen this tag going around for awhile now, but it was Ally @ Ally Writes Things whose posts finally pushed me to do it. I am not a huge fantasy reader, but there is something about the cold weather that makes me more drawn to them.


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5 star book

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The Bear and the Nightingale is exactly the kind of fantasy that just works for me. The writing is gorgeous and Katherine Arden manages to thrust the reader into the setting. You can actually feel the chill in your bones! I love when fantasy is so atmospheric and descriptive. The fantasy elements are more mythological and like a fairy tale- I adore it!

Always going to recommend


Silver in the Wood is so underrated, and that it why I will talk about it any chance that i get. It is one of those books that I feel confident in recommending to just about everyone, even people who aren’t lovers of fantasy. There is enough in this story to appeal to all types of reasons, and it is just so endearing. It is also just over 100 pages, so not a huge commitment!

Own it but haven’t read it yet


I have owned American Gods for years, and I have said countless times how much I want to read it. Yet, it still sits on my shelves unread. I know that I love Neil Gaiman’s writing, and I have no doubt that I am going to adore this story, but I think I have fallen into the trap where it has been on my shelves for so long that I forget about it.

Would read again


I am not a huge rereader, but I would pick up all of the books in the Wayward Children series again. It helps that they are so short, but they are also so clever and fascinating. I am always blown away by Seanan McGuire’s creativity and the worlds that she manages to create.

In another world


The Hobbit is one of the first fantasy novels I ever read, so I had to include it in this tag somehow. Part of what I love about The Hobbit is the world that J.R.R. Tolkien manages to create- there is nothing quite like Middle-earth.

Back on Earth

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One of my favourite things is fantasy novels set in the real world. I love that The Diviners takes place in New York and that there is an element of mystery and interesting magic. I need to read more fantasy set in the 1920s!



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  1. Ahh, I love The Diviners series so much!!! The way Libba Bray captured the atmosphere of New York was perfect. I’m so excited to continue the series! Also, Every Heart a Doorway is the perfect book to reread. It’s so short, but it has such a unique take on the portal fantasy story! I really want to read The Bear and the Nightingale as well!

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